Independence Day! ? Your Guide To A Wonderful Holiday

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18 September 2017

Standing tall on the continent as the giants of Africa, you should expect the drums to roll out in style for Nigeria?s Independence Day celebrations. From the endless creative adaptations of the green and white colours to the different exciting parades and events holding all over the country, the Independence celebrations always provide a long-lasting memory. The list of shows and events slated for the Independence occasion is quite vast and endless. As such, having a guide of where the party is the most lit would help you immensely and afford you the chance to choose your own taste of the national fun. I?m very sure you wouldn?t want to be stuck at a drooling event or get to a top notch event late. Keep reading to get tips on how to avoid this.

A Little Bit Of History...

The 1st of October is much more than flags and fancy parties, it?s about understanding the importance of Nigeria?s gained independence from Britain and reflecting on how many steps forward have been taken as a country since the last year. No doubt the day is special for every Nigerian, be it a child or an octogenarian. It is the day of patriotism and one cannot help but be nostalgic about this very day every year.

Interesting Independence Day Activities

October 1st this year falls on a Monday, and ideally, the Government has given Monday as a public holiday in line with the Independence occasion. The 3-day holiday provides enough time to kick back and relax while marking the country's independence. There are a couple of ideas you might want to consider while you enjoy the break.
  • Join the street parade and mingle with different people while rocking any kind of green and white costume.
  • Go for parties and shows organized for the independence celebrations and watch your favourite artists as they thrill the audience.
  • Visit the cinemas to watch a movie with family and friends while enjoying some home-made snacks.
  • Visit the national stadium and entertain yourself watching different schools on parade in resplendent colours.
  • If you have a strong heart, you could get fireworks and enjoy throwing them with some friends.
  • Take advantage of the discount in prices of most restaurants and eat out or even treat family and friends to a fun outing.
  • You could also just actually sit at home and either enjoy some TV time or feast your eyes with the major social media vibe.

Where To Find The Best Independence Day Parties

Being a national holiday, every state in the country celebrates in different ways by organizing various exciting events for the public. However, there are a couple of states that really know how to spice up the party. The major hot cakes include;

Cross Rivers

Visit Cross Rivers State and experience the beautiful street parade put together by the state government. It also features different performances from numerous celebrities and artists.


  • Visit any of the numerous beaches and amusement parks with family and friends and you just might catch a party going on
  • Have a fun evening at any of the exciting chill spots in the city like The New Afrika Shrine, Yellow Chilli, Bukka Huts amongst others.


  • Take to the streets of Abuja and witness the infamous Riders Embassy as they stage their yearly Independence Ride
  • Attend the Independence parade held yearly at the Eagle's Square and enjoy the spectacular displays by different military parastatals
  • Hangout with friends and family at the Millennium Park.

Port Harcourt

  • Party at the Port Harcourt tourist beach
  • Attend the Independence Day ceremony at the stadium in Port Harcourt
  • Hangout at the Mall with friends
  • Catch a movie at the Silverbird Galleria

Akwa Ibom

Turn up for the street parade in the city of Uyo;

New York

You could catch the celebrations even in New York; Nigeria?s Independence Day has been marked by celebrations since 1991 and is the largest by any African nation in the United States.

Independence Day Deals To Look Out For

The holiday celebrations also present an opportunity for different brands and companies to offer promos and discounts to customers in commemoration of the country?s Independence. Ranging from telecommunication networks to restaurants and online shopping platforms, get ready to have slashed prices courtesy of Independence celebrations. There are a couple of major platforms you might want to poke for juicy deals. Some of them include:
  • Ajebomarket
  • Shoprite
  • Malls
  • Restaurants

Specific Exciting Destinations To Visit

The independence holidays also give you the opportunity to visit certain places and attractions you?ve always wanted to visit. In case you consider taking a trip during the Independence holidays, here?s a list of a couple of places worth your time.
  • Slave History Museum in Calabar
  • The National Museum in Lagos?State
  • The Benin City National Museum in Edo?State
  • Nike Art Gallery in Lagos?State
  • The Millennium Park Abuja
  • Port Harcourt Tourist Beach in Rivers State

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