Explore nature at Falgore game reserve in Kano

By Rebecca

10 December 2019

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Falgore Game Reserve is a protected ecosystem designated mainly for game protection in the southern Kano state of northern Nigeria. This game reserve is located about 150 kilometers away from Kano city. It lies in Tudun Wada, Doguwa and Sumaila local government areas. It extends to the boundary line between Kano, Kaduna, and Bauchi states respectively.

It covers an area of about 1000 square kilometers and is traversed by the River Kano. Falgore game reserve lies on the northern guinea savanna ecological belt. This ecosystem is bisected by River Kano. Falgore game reserve started as Kogin Kano forest reserve which was developed since the British colonial period in 1940s. The forest reserve was only upgraded into a game reserve in the 1960s and subsequently called Falgore game reserve.

Falgore game reserve conserves the savanna floral faunal species within their natural habitat. However, one of the main objectives of the game reserve is to serve as a regulator of silting which threatens the multipurpose Tiga Dam which is the backbone of the Kano River Project. The villages located around Falgore game reserve believe it offers them a good microclimate and protects them against destructive windstorms.

Falgore game reserve has high potentials for the tourism and recreation industry of Kano State and Nigeria. Inside the reserve, there are beautiful physical features of spellbinding attractions, which include a number of rocks and the beautiful rapids of the river Kano. That is expectedly a must site for photographic enthusiasts.

Still within the park visitor can switch to culture as the ghost old town of Falgore, which is nearly as old as Kano City lie there with its traditional architecture, mode of settlement and other human features. Accommodation and camping facilities are available around the game reserve. Additionally, during the wet season, Falgore is navigable from Tiga Lake

The reserve is about 1 and half hours drive from Kano. It is still a nice place to spend your weekend and relax. Modest accommodation facilities are available.


Tourism Motel in Falgore Base Camp Attraction:

  • Kwakwafada rapids
  • Zarara Rock Ranges
  • Ruins of old settlements
  • Indigenous species of plants and animals found in Northern Guinea Savannah.

MISSION: Biodiversity Conservation for the benefits of present and future generations.

VISION: A sustainable environment that supports human beings and other creature

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