A Guide to Christmas Shopping In Nigeria

Christmas shopping in Lagos

Last updated on November 28th, 2019 at 08:27 am

Christmas shopping can be a chore. Everyone seems to be in a hurry and even a simple store run can turn chaotic.

Also, it is that time of the year when prices of the things we love shoot to the roof. Shops are already putting out their Christmas displays, colorful ribbons hanging lazily across the windows, all adding to the confusion. As the celebration slowly creeps in, it is good to start your Christmas shopping early.  

The best shopping decisions are made when you are not in haste. You are much less likely to be distracted by an irrelevant store display or an online banner. Those distracting adverts are how you end up with things you don’t need and bad gifts for your family and friends in the first place.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be tricky, and sometimes it gets really confusing, but putting in an extra time helps you stay focused. Think about how rushed things can get when you leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute. Often, a rushed Christmas shopping can stress you or put you in a bad mood.

Shopping early, asides from being more financially beneficial, also makes for a smoother shopping experience.

These tips will help you get through your Christmas shopping without much hassle:

Make a budget and stick to it  

The benefit of budgeting cannot be overstated. However, we can’t pretend that sticking to a budget is not one of the hardest things to do. Not budgeting during a festive period will get you financially wrecked in January. Spreading costs over a longer period makes it less likely for you overspend. Plan for affordability not what you want. What and what do I really need and how much am I willing to spend to get them? These are questions to ask before writing that budget. Then make a list, keeping your budget in mind.

If possible, avoid making card payments. You are likely to spend more when making a card payment than with cash. Also, having a clear idea of the total amount you want to spend helps too.  

Don’t give in to impulsive buying

This festive period is known for its spectacular window displays by shop owners to dazzle holiday shoppers. They are always eye-catching and difficult to neglect especially when everything in the shopping center is stunning. Has a beautiful Christmas cheer written over it, with a bold discount card flapping about it? You must learn to stick to your list. We all want everything, but it is wise to concentrate more on necessities as we cannot really afford everything. No matter what, don’t purchase goods that you have no intention of having. Don’t stray from the items you have marked on your shopping list.

Avoid the rush

Last Minute Christmas shopping in Lagos

Waiting until the rush hour to shop or buy your Christmas needs is not advisable. It might be early, but by buying a few things every day or weekend before the actual week of Christmas will save you a lot of stress. Demand is high the days to Christmas. Sellers take advantage of this to move up prices. Doing your Christmas shopping before the rush saves you this problem.

Grab bargains

Christmas is usually the period for end-of-year sales when almost every item on sale is discounted. You won’t get the best bargains from all the shops. You should know the shops to get the best bargains from. Pick the items you really need for a lesser price than you would have normally purchased on a regular day. Consider buying gifts over Black Friday at the end of November – there are usually some awesome bargains at this period. Be on the alert and follow trends to know when the best bargains are happening.

Shop Online `

Nigerians are embracing online shopping now. If you’ve noticed, some of the best deals are offered online. With online shopping, you avoid the stress of walking into a store and hauling around a cart. Just pick all the things you want and pay with your card, or you can even opt to pay when the items are delivered. Apart from finding whatever you are looking for, prices are cheaper when you shop online.

Most online retailers in Nigeria offer massive discounts during the festive season. With online shopping, you can take advantage of a retailer’s “Black Friday” deals. These discounts are spread over almost all the items from fashion pieces to smartphones, laptops, tablets and home and kitchen appliances.  

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Popular Lagos markets to do your Christmas shopping at

Markets in Lagos

If you are new to Lagos or just looking for where to do your Christmas shopping at, especially for clothes, accessories, drinks and gift items, these popular Lagos markets are your best bet:

Balogun Market

Balogun Market is a famous market in Lagos. It is located on Lagos Island, spreading over a significant number of roads and streets on Lagos Island. The market is the best place to get incredible deals on textiles like ankara, lace, kampala, cord lace, guinea brocade, chiffon, crepe, bodycon, office wears and shoes.

Trade Fair Market, along LASU-Badagry Expressway

There are international trade fairs every year in Lagos, where traders and manufacturers convene. There are various trade fair markets scattered in different parts of Lagos. The Trade Fair Market located along the Lagos-Badary expressway is exceptionally popular. Here, you can get good bargains on all items from hair products, clothing, shoes, household items and many more.

Tejuosho Market

This is another big market in Lagos. Tejuosho is located in Yaba, Lagos and the market is a great place shop for both new and second-hand clothing. This Christmas, Yaba market is your go-to-market for Christmas cloth.

Oshodi Market:

Oshodi Market is the best place to go if you are shopping for Ankara Fabrics you want to sew cloth for any Christmas ‘Turn-up.’  The market is also your best bet for best Aso Ebi fabrics. If you intend to go for all African fashion this Christmas, go to the owambe parties; stop at Oshodi market to get your fabrics.  

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Online Shopping Hacks for Christmas Shopping

Online Christmas shopping

Holiday seasons are the best time to shop online. However, it is best to know your way around shopping online to get the best experience so you can save money, shop smarter, and find the best gift ideas this Christmas.  

Set up online accounts ahead of time

If you consider buying gift items online this Christmas, then it is best to set up an account with all the e-commerce shops you will want to shop at. Most Black Friday deals are offered on a fastest-finger basis, so it is advisable to set up an account beforehand.

Stalk your favorite brands on social media

It is important you’re following all the brands you want to shop from during Black Friday on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to hear about their offers or any further discounts they’d be offering. Make sure you verify the retailers’ accounts and be on the alert for fake deals too.

Shop around

While shopping online, don’t get too excited about discounts and forget to look elsewhere for cheaper options. Shop around and do a search for the product you intend to buy using Google’s shopping tab to know whether other retailers are offering a better price than what you have seen. You can use “my supermarket” to compare prices of items of different retailers to know where they are the cheapest.

Keep an eye out for “derivative” deals

Be aware of budget sellers who often release derivative products made with cheaper materials and lower specifications. Often, these derivative products look similar to flagship products. While shopping online, it is important to pay attention to detail and to double-check model numbers and specifications.

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