6 Things to do this Valentine if You Are Single in Nigeria

By Mosimileoluwa Alabi

27 January 2020

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If you are still single at this point, you are not alone. There are millions of Nigerians who are currently in the same phase and are not certain of getting into any relationship before Valentine?s day-February 14. In Nigeria, couples like to rub your singleness in your face on Valentine?s Day-the malls, hotels and fun places are always filled with couples showing public display of affection and everything just seems to remind you that you are single.

At this time of the year, being single can be tough. There is the song that trends around this time of the year-?Valentine is coming, where is ya boyfriend? You are sitting at home LONELLYYY?. Listening to the lyrics of that song can make you laugh and angry at the same time. For those who have chosen not to be in a relationship, that does not make you a robot because sometimes you feel lonely too. Guess what? You can make your singleness rock if you use your time well. You do not necessarily need a man or woman to enjoy your life on any given day. Do not let the pressure get to you. Knowing the meaning and true purpose of Valentine?s Day would help you act accordingly.

What Exactly is Valentine?s Day?

Valentine?s Day is an annual festival to celebrate friendship, romantic love and admiration. People celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family, and friends.

It was named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who was executed on February 14 for getting soldiers married in secret Christians ceremonies as against the rule set down by Emperor Claudius preventing soldiers from getting married. Over the years, Valentine?s Day has become a day for expression of love either between romantic couples, family members or friends.

How Do I Celebrate Valentine?s Day as a Single Nigerian?

Since Valentine?s Day has been tagged as a day of expression of love, you necessarily do not need a romantic partner to celebrate Valentine?s Day with. You could send love messages to your friends, enjoy dinner with your family, hang out with your best friends or most importantly, show love to yourself. Yes, Self-Love is very important. You deserve to have fun irrespective of having a partner or not

Things To Do This Valentine As A Single Nigerian

There are so many fun things to do by yourself this Valentine in Nigeria. Some of them include:

Organize a Slumber Party

Girls always want to have fun. This Valentine, gather your single friends and enjoy a night of pizza, ice-cream, popcorn, and movies. Do not look at the slumber party as an opportunity to wallow in self-pity, instead use it as an opportunity to relax and spend time with your favorite homegirls. You could talk about your plans for business and how you can help each other. You can toss your New Year diet plan in the bin for a day and consume as many carbs as you want on this day.

Night Out With Your Other Single Guys

You and your single guys can be there for each other on this ?inevitable love night?. This should not be the night to console each other but should be more of a night of celebration. Talk about your achievements and the marks you have set for yourselves and remind each other of how much you love yourselves.

Give Yourself a Treat

Most single people see taking themselves out on a date as an awkward act. Yeah, it might seem a bit strange but it is probably the best way to find happiness alone. There are quite a number of serene places (that would not be crowded by couples) that you can take yourself to on a date. You can treat yourself to an affordable buffet. You could also take yourself to your favorite smoothie or ice-cream shop.

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You could also get new things for yourself if you are bothered that seeing lovebirds at restaurants will trigger you. Stores usually give discounts on products in the spirit of Valentine. Why not tap into the spirit of Valentine and enjoy the discounts they would be offering.

Make sure it is something you would most likely wear every day so that you can cherish it more. Wristwatches, shoes, jewelry and the likes would do the trick. You could do this on other days too; it does not have to be only on Valentine?s day.

You could also spend your day at the spa getting pampered.

Go Kayaking

Kayaking is the most exciting activity to do all by yourself. Kayaking is a water sport that involves using a double-bladed oar and a small boat called a Kayak. Apart from being a good way to relieve stress, it also offers you a chance to get close to nature. It is also a great way to exercise your upper body.? You also get to meet with other people who came kayaking and just have fun.

Get in the Groove

With a variety of clubs and lounges in Nigeria, you can get into the groove with your single friends and feel the rush of adrenaline as you dance to hit songs.

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Visit Charity Homes

You could show love to orphans and old people in charity homes. This is an ideal way to spend Valentine?s Day and they would truly appreciate the gesture. In doing this, you have to plan ahead with the Charity Home you intend visiting. Take gifts, play games with them and be nice. This will go a long way and in return, you will feel fulfilled for that day.

Are you still confused about how to spend Valentine?s Day in Nigeria if you are single? Overthinking takes away the joy so just enjoy the moment. Whatever you think would be fun, do it.

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