10 Spots with an Active Nightlife in Ibadan

Ibadan is not too calm for lively entertainment. Although it may not be as noisy and crowded as Lagos, there is a bubbling nightlife almost everywhere you turn in this city. From Challenge to the Queen Cinema axis, Roundabout and Bodija area, all the way to Sango as well as U.I. There are quite a lot of night clubs, pubs, bars and lounges in Ibadan that can offer the best of nightlife fun. So are you looking for places to unwind after work? There are a lot of them in Ibadan. If you are looking for the coolest of places to spend your nightlife in Ibadan, you just have to check out these 10 spots below, which can guarantee you an active nightlife in Ibadan.

1. GQ Lounge

GQ louge, Ibadan This is located at 26, Awolowo Road, Bodija Estate, Ibadan. If you are seeking a wild and fun night experience, this is the place for you. This is one of the best lounges in Ibadan that offers a great night-time. There is an outdoor bar as well as a club, which is open all day. It also features the coolest DJs around with the hottest songs to make you unwind well on the dance floor through the night.

2. Kokodome

Kokodome restaurant and night club, Ibadan Located along Liebu Bypass, Ibadan, it is linked to the Cocoa House, which is considered the tallest building in Ibadan. Historically and interestingly, Kokodome is said to be the oldest nightclub in Ibadan. It is owned by a Lebanese and has been running since 1989. It is suitable for the best of nightlife. Asides the club, you can have access to the pool as well as the restaurants, which offer mostly Lebanese delicacies. It opens from 9 am ? 5 am.

3. Option 24/7

Option 24/7, Ibadan Formally known as ?Yepaa?, this is one of the most popular spots for an awesome nightlife in Ibadan. It is situated Adjacent to Army Officers Mess, Along Ikolaba Road, Agodi GRA, Ibadan. Here, you can experience a party like no other.

4. Hexagon Club & Lounge

  Hexagon Club & Lounge   It is located at 71, University of Ibadan Road, besides Mega Mobil Petrol Station, Samonda, Ibadan. Here, you can experience party life at its peak. The DJ plays all the coolest songs?and there are dancing, hot girls. There is a suya seller nearby as well as?enough drinks for you. It is one of the best lounges for a great nightlife in Ibadan.?It opens from 12:30 am ? 11:30 pm every day.

5. Club E-Bevande

Show dem camp at E-Bevane club Ibadan Established in 2011, this is one of the best clubs in Ibadan. It is located at 76, Abiodun Way, off Ring Road, Ibadan. ?This elegant club runs from 10 pm ? 5 am daily. Club E-Bevande is the right spot for you whenever you desire to have the best nightlife in Ibadan.

6. Mauve Lounge

Mauve lounge, nightlife in Ibadan Located at Adeoye Junction, MKO Abiola Way, Ibadan, this is one of the most classy places to spend your nightlife in Ibadan. It is a place where the biggest of big boys hang out in Ibadan. The d?cor is grand, the cocktails simply awesome. It runs from 12 pm ? 5 am.

7. 411 NightClub

This is located at 50, Awolowo Road, Old Bodija, Ibadan. It opens 24hrs every day; this means the groove is non-stop. This club is usually crowded with a lot of night fun-seekers who are interested in a great nightlife in Ibadan.

8. Club 0305

0305 club, nightlife in Ibadan The club is Close to 411 Nite Club and is also located at Awolowo Way, Bodija, Ibadan. This is a place to be for the nice nightlife in Ibadan. The DJ plays the hottest songs in town that ensure you have a great time.

9. Club Echo

Located along MKO Abiola way, this is a great place for an all-night groove. ?It is said to be one of the most popular clubs in Ibadan. Every night is an impressive party night.

10. Apollo?s Lounge

Apollo's Lounge Ibadan Apollo's lounge also located at MKO Abiola way, is another great spot for an excellent nightlife experience in Ibadan. The bar has luxurious VIP booths as well as a great dance floor. There is a live band performance on Wednesdays, "Old Skul" night on Saturdays and Jazz Party on Sundays. Definitely, a spot for an extraordinary night out in Ibadan.

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