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Facts about Slovenia

Slovenia is a Balkan country with mostly mountainous terrain and mainly continental climate. It is a member of the European Union and NATO. It shares borders with Austria to the north, Italy to the west, Hungary to the northeast, and Croatia to the southeast. Slovenia controls some of the major transit routes in Europe despite its small size.

The Alpine country's major industries include car parts, pharmacy, electronics textile and furniture. With excellent infrastructure, a well-educated work-force, and a strategic location between central and Southeastern Europe, Slovenia's economy shows so much promise. The country's capital city Ljubljana was founded in Roman times and today, its university has over 50,000 students. 

One of the succeeding states of Former Yougoslavia, Slovenia became the first republic to split and became a sovereign state. As a member of the Schengen agreement, Slovenia can issue a Schengen visa.

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FAQs about Places in Visas of Slovenia

What is Slovenia's national food ?

On a trip to Slovenia, you will definitely hear about a meal called Veal and buckwheat dumplings (buckwheat spoonbread). This is Slovenia's national dish. It is usually served with meat, stews, sauerkraut or sausages.

Is Slovenia an expensive country to visit ?

Compared to its neighboring countries (Switzerland, Austria, and Italy), Slovenia is not expensive. However, it is more expensive than most countries in Eastern Europe.

How do women dress in Slovenia ?

Traditional dressing in Slovenia varies from region to region. However, they generally consist of shirts (mostly white), skirts, scarfs, aprons, white socks and occasionally a belt.

Is there a Slovenian embassy in Nigeria ?

There is currently no Slovenia Embassy or Consulate in Nigeria, applicants are to go to the nearest country with a Slovenian Embassy/Consulate to apply for a visa.

Can Vegetarians travel to Slovenia ?

The concept of vegetarianism is alien to Slovenians so strict vegans would not find a lot of places to get food from. If as a vegetarian you will be travelling with your own foodstuff, you can travel to Slovenia and enjoy the beautiful country.

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