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Kirikiri Prisons
Kirikiri Prisons

Kirikiri Prisons




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History of Kirikiri Prisons Kirikiri Prisons was established in 1955. Built by Federal Government in 1955. Some of the most notorious and infamous prisons in Nigeria, these are a set of prisons in Kirikiri town where lawbreakers are confined as the law dictates. Security/Safety of Kirikiri Prisons This is a very safe location. Best Features The prisons include the Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison, the Kirikiri Medium Prison and the only female prison in Nigeria, Kirikiri Female Prison. The Kirikiri Maximum Security has a capacity of 1,056, however it is known to be overpopulated, and coupled with the treatments of the inmates, it is no wonder of its notoriety. It has hosted some known Nigerians who have one time or the other stood trial. Some of them are Chief Bode George, Al-Mustapha, Maj. General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua.