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River Niger Bridge

History of River Niger Bridge River Niger Bridge was built in 1964-1965. It is notable as the link between South Eastern Nigeria and Western Nigeria. Built by Dumez, french construction giant. in 1964-1965. Once upon a time, the Niger bridge was used to halt the advance of the Nigerian soldiers during the civil war. Fast forward to present day and it is still useful as it serves as a link of trade between Onitsha and the rest of Western Nigeria. Security/Safety of River Niger Bridge This is a very safe location. Things to do while at River Niger Bridge Before heading to River Niger Bridge, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Enjoy the view of the River Niger. Admire the architecture. Best Features It holds significant historical importance. Most common visitors Commuters are the people to find here.

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Agulu Crocodile Lake

About Agulu Crocodile Lake Agulu Crocodile Lake is located along Awka road in Agulu. The lake is home to about three hundred crocodiles and water turtles. Fishing is not allowed on the lake and the crocodiles, being sacred animals to the people, cannot be killed. History suggests that these crocodiles were pivotal in delivering the town from enemy soldiers during the Nigerian civil war. It is believed that these sacred crocodiles and turtles transformed themselves into beautiful ladies and lured the soldiers into the lake where they disappeared without trace. At noon the crocodiles and the turtles appear at the banks of the lake to take in sunlight. The lake is immaculate white and sometimes made green by algae depending on the season of the year. Safety It is a relatively safe location but guests are advised not to fish or swim in the lake. It is believed the lake chooses whom to abhor and drowns whomever it chooses. Things to Do While at the Agulu Crocodile Lake, some of the things to do include, take beautiful pictures of the lake and the crocodiles, hear folklore of the Agulu people and the civil war. What to Bring Before heading to the Agulu Crocodile Lake, here is a list of things to take along with you; camera with a very good battery, flip flops, sun screen. Best Features The lake has a lengthy diameter and a beautiful surface area.  Best Time to Visit Agulu Crocodile Lake The best time to visit Agulu Crocodile Lake is during the day when the tour guide is willing to show you around and invite the crocodiles out in his special way. Most Common Visitors The most common visitors at the lake are tourist, Agulu villagers, nature enthusiasts. Why You Should Visit Watch the crocodiles move around and listen stories of how the crocodiles helped during the civil war.

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