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Sambo Dan Ashafa’s Tomb
Sambo Dan Ashafa’s Tomb


About Sambo Dan Ashafa's Tomb This is the burial site of Sambo Dan Ashafa. He was the founder of Gusau, the present Zamfara state capital, and Wonaka, which is located 45km east of Gusau. Sambo Dan Ashafa’s tomb is one of two burial sites that are popular tourist attractions in Zamfara. The other is Namoda’s tomb. History of Sambo Dan Ashafa's Tomb Sambo Dan Ashafa was a follower of Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio. He was given authority to wage Jihad against those who refused to accept the teachings of Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio in parts of western Katsina. After a successful Jihad, Sambo Dan Ashafa and his people decided to settle near the River Sokoto – an area that would become the modern day Gusau. He founded Gusau in 1799 and was its first ruler. He died in 1827 and was buried in Wonaka. Sambo Dan Ashafa’s descendants are now traditional rulers of Gasua, Wonaka, Yandoto and Ruwan Bore. Safety This is a very safe location, there is no threat to safety here. Things to Do Pay your respects to the remains of the legend Sambo Dan Ashafa. What to Bring Before heading to Sambo Dan Ashafa's Tomb, here are some things to go along with; a camera, a Quran. Most Common Visitors The most common visitors here are islamic clerics and people who want to pay their respects to the legend Sambo Dan Ashafa. Weather at Sambo Dan Ashafa's Tomb The region has both dry and rainy season. The dry season comes between the months of October until April and the rainy season starts during the month of May, June, or July.