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Raypower 95.1, Ibadan
Raypower 95.1, Ibadan

Raypower 95.1, Ibadan

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History of Raypower 95.1, Ibadan Raypower 95.1, Ibadan was built. Raypower became an instant success pioneering live radio twenty four hours a day, seven days a week interactive programming format that promoted immediate feedback on sensitive socio-political, economic and cultural issues. It was a radical departure from what the radio audience in Nigeria had been used to. Raypower is in twelve locations across Nigeria and remains the station of choice by radio listeners. Its "infotainment" theme is guided by its development philosophy which is help to promote national unity and stability as well as foster global understanding. Security/Safety of Raypower 95.1, Ibadan This is a very safe location. Most common visitors Entertainers who throng to the radio station for interviews, school children on excursion,as well as media practitioners of sorts.