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Federal High Court, Gombe
Federal High Court, Gombe

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ABOUT Federal High Court, Gombe is a judicial division of the Nigerian Federal high court. It is the highest law court in Gombe State, Nigeria. It is situated on the Bauchi-Gombe road in Gombe State of Nigeria. The Federal High Court in Gombe is the chief English law court in the State. It is presided over by a chief judge who plays an administrative role in the court. To enhance the effectiveness of the chief judge, other judges actively assist in the administration of the state court division. The Federal High Court is one of the most important places in Gombe State. The high court handles a variety of cases such as cases concerning copyright, citizenship, company law, insurance, family law, personal injury, tax law, criminal law, etc. People who seek to handle one or more of tee case troop into the court every weekday to begin or continue with the case procedures. Since judicial activities commenced at the Federal High Court, it has served the Gombe State community greatly. Inhabitants of the state do not need to travel hours to get legal attention. It is a great addition to the state, especially in the areas of controlling criminal activities and other illegal affairs in the state. SERVICES Federal High Court, Gombe offers legal aid to people according to the dictates of the Nigerian constitution. Several cases are handled by the High Court weekly, some of these cases include: - Citizenship - Personal Injury - Property Law - Banking - Admiralty - Taxation - Customs - Copyright - Trade Practices - Family Law - Contract - Arbitration BEST FEATURES - Standard courtroom - Legal Services - Easily accessible location - Large Parking Space - Security WHO CAN VISIT Federal High Court, Gombe is open to persons who seek to pursue civil cases such as personal injury, contacts, copyright and others. Also, individuals or groups that seek to process legal documents such as agreements, contracts, etc can visit the Federal High Court. BEST TIME TO VISIT Federal High Court Ibadan is open every weekday (Monday-Friday) from 8;00 am to 4:00 pm. To enjoy better services, it is best you visit the High Court in the morming when the offices are less busy.