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Filmhouse Cinema, Surulere

About Filmhouse Cinemas, Surulere Filmhouse cinemas is part of the Filmhouse cinemas Limited. The cinema includes features like games arcade, ice cream cafe, food concession, toy shop, 3D cinema and kid's club. The cinema opens daily from 10:30am to 12:30am and aims to satisfy the customers viewing with quality pictures and good surround sound system. Movie tickets can be obtained online on the cinemas website or at the cinema. Ticket prices vary during different days and times and for different classes of people. You are sure to have an exciting time whenever you go see a movie. Safety This is a very safe location, there is no threat to safety here. Things to Do See a blockbuster movie, play games at the games arcade, outing with the kids. What to Bring Before heading to filmhouse cinemas, Surulere, here is a list of helpful things to go along with; cash or credit/debit cards and also your expectation to see the movie. Best Features The cinema offer more than just movies, there are other things to engage yourselves in before the movie of your choice starts. The cinema provides excellent viewing of movies. Best Time to Visit Filmhouse Cinemas, Surulere The cinema is open to all any time from 10:30am all through to 12:30am, during this period, you are guaranteed a wonderful viewing experience. Most Common  Visitors Movie lovers, couples, families, fun lovers are the most common people you will find at the cinema. Why You Should Visit Have the best experience viewing a blockbuster movie of your choice.

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Domino's Pizza, Surulere

History of Domino's Pizza, Surulere Domino's Pizza, Surulere. There are few pleasures that can compare to walking into your favorite restaurant, ordering your choice pizza and drink, and savoring the goodies right there in a warm and relaxing environment. These are what Domino's Pizza offer you and yours, and why they are a favorite in Lagos. Security/Safety of Domino's Pizza, Surulere This is a very safe location. Things to do while at Domino's Pizza, Surulere Before heading to Domino's Pizza, Surulere, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Cash or Debit/Credit card Camera for those Insta selfies and food Snaps Best Features Loved around the world, Domino's Pizza is an international name that is synonymous with delicious, quality pizzas. Asides from pizzas, they also serve extras such as chicken, bread, drinks as sides. Writer's Review Domino's Pizza has become a household name in Nigeria, and its unique building design has become somewhat of a landmark. You can sit in and enjoy your goodies or take away. You can also call and order for your pizza and it is usually delivered within 40 minutes. They 'Nigerianized' some of their pizza offerings by creating and including such selections like the Suya Pizza that became instant favorites. It is a nice place to meet and catch up with friends, enjoy the delicious pizzas served and have a fab time. Most common visitors Anybody that likes pizza can be found here.

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Big Fish Restaurant

Bode Thomas St

Big Fish Restaurant

About Big Fish Restaurant Big Fish restaurant is a 4 star restaurant that serves the Big Fish hotel and bar and locals, it is located at Surulere Lagos Mainland.It serves  a wide range of cuisines ranging from grills,sea food,inter continental and Nigerian meals so you are sure going to have so much mouth watering meals to choose rom.It also offers an online takeout and delivery service which responds promptly to orders giving at most 80 minutes response time. Safety Big Fish Restaurant offers maximum safety to its guests What to Do/Things to bring At the Big Fish you should order a full 3 course meal,you are sure going to enjoy the experience.The grills and sea food could be best for  a nice hangout with a group of friends.You could step in and have a nice filling meal or order in to enjoy at a later time at home While going to the restaurant you should go with a debit card, friends or dining companions to maximally enjoy the atmosphere Best Features Big fish caters excellently to groups,so you could choose the joint as a cool place for a hangout.The Big Fish Restaurant offers express delivery and take away services should you not want to eat at the restaurant,you can still enjoy your loved and tasty meals at your own place and convenience. Most Common Visitors Most Common visitors at the restaurant includes the youths,individuals who love thir meals tasty and courteously served,couples and families.

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