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Igbo Ukwu
Igbo Ukwu

Igbo Ukwu

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History of Igbo Ukwu Igbo Ukwu was discovered in 1938. It is notable as the site of the famous Igbo Ukwu bronze works. It was built by Isaiah Anozie. Igbo Ukwu is a town in Anambra famous for its highly sophisticated bronze pieces dating back to the ninth century and have given it international acclaim. The works excavated are some of the earliest works of art known to the region. Security/Safety of Igbo Ukwu This is a very safe location. What To Bring Light clothing Face cap or hat Things to do while at Igbo Ukwu Visit the various excavation sites Take pictures of the bronze pieces. Learn about the history of the pieces Best Features It is a historical site notable for great bronze pieces. Writer's Review To go learn about the rich Igbo Ukwu history. Most common visitors Curators, Historians, Tourists. This place is history in our present-day: My tour guide to me upon reaching the Igbo Ukwu site.