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Maiduguri International Airport
Maiduguri International Airport

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History of Maiduguri International Airport Maiduguri International Airport. One of the airports serving the far North-East region, particularly Borno State, this is a state-owned airport that started operations in the 1980s because of the lack of connecting airports in the region. Security/Safety of Maiduguri International Airport This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Maiduguri International Airport, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Your flight document: passport, flight ticket, booking confirmation. Your luggage. Best Features A direct link to the recovering State, the airport has seen an increase in the number of people it serves For that reason among others, the terminal building and other facilities are being reconstructed and modernized to meet international aviation standards. Most common visitors Travelers, travel agents, aviation officers frequent this location.