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Azumini Blue River

Aptly named 'The Blue River', the Azumini Blue river has a name that is as exotic as it is thrilling. Found on the boundary between Abia state and Akwa Ibom, this river would have you staring deep into the soul of mother nature....and have her wink back.

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The Long JuJu Shrine of Arochukwu

Interested in or a practitioner of traditional religion? The Long Juju Shrine of Arochukwu sports long metal pipes, believed to be conduits to the gods who live above the shrine. Pay homage to the chief priest, and it might make things easier on your path to fellowship with a higher power.

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National War Museum, Umuahia

History of National War Museum, Umuahia National War Museum, Umuahia was established in 1985with the aim of putting the ugly episode of the war behind and speeding up the process of national reconciliation and healing.. It is notable as a sanctuary of civil war relics Ever heard of Ogbunigwe? Want to know more about the Nigerian civil war? The National war museum is a sanctuary of both traditional and modern warfare and opens its doors far and wide to people seeking to know more about this portion of Nigerian history. Security/Safety of National War Museum, Umuahia This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to National War Museum, Umuahia, here are some helpful things to take along with you: camera- there is a lot of history waiting to be captured Things to do while at National War Museum, Umuahia Before heading to National War Museum, Umuahia, here are some helpful things to take along with you: see the Biafran flag also known as 'half of a yellow sun' visit the defunct radio Biafra

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Maiyegun beach


Silicon Hill

History of Silicon Hill Silicon Hill. It is notable as a huge deposit of the important raw material; silicon Enugu, the famous coal city in all its splendor welcomes you to come and experience this beautiful city. What better way to do this than at the top of the silicon valley with its rich scenery and silicon from which the hill derives it name. Security/Safety of Silicon Hill This is a very safe location.


Iron of Liberty

History of Iron of Liberty Iron of Liberty. It is notable as the site where slaves were freed. The Iron of liberty located in Lokoja is a landmark that signifies where slaves were set free by the British empire. The anti slavery campaign was spear headed by Bishop Ajayi Crowther. Security/Safety of Iron of Liberty This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Iron of Liberty, here are some helpful things to take along with you: camera sandals Things to do while at Iron of Liberty Before heading to Iron of Liberty, here are some helpful things to take along with you: visit Bishop Ajayi Crowthers grave see the iron pole of liberty


Palms Shopping Mall, Lagos

ABOUT Palms Shopping Centre is a world class mall owned by Tayo Amusan, the Chairman of Persianas Properties. It is located at Victoria Island, Lagos. The Cinema was established in 2006 and it comprises 70 businesses with a large product range. Products such as clothes, fruits, food, electronic devices, gift items, and household items. Also, there is a six-screen cinema where you can enjoy the best of local and foreign movies. The world class mall provides a family friendly ambience. It is a very secure location for a good time shopping. Every year the mall witnesses thousands of customer influx. It is the number one location in Lagos for your weekly or annual shopping. You can also visit this mall with your date for a great time at the cinema with a great movie and some popcorn to munch. SERVICES Palms Shopping Mall is a leisure spot for families. It is not just a shopping mall, it's more. Never has a shopping mall been more sophisticated with lots of exciting activities. Every year, there are loads of exciting events that happen at the mall. In 2019, Palms Shopping Mall organized an art exhibition fair in partnership with renowned artists in Nigeria like Abiola Oladorun, Ayo Filade and Nike Art Gallery. The six-screen cinema is open to movie lovers and all who want to have nice, cool time watching some drama. BEST FEATURES - Home to 70 businesses with awesome products - Serene ambience - Exquisite six-screen cinema - Very large parking space WHO CAN VISIT Palms Shopping Mall is open to everyone and anyone who wants to shop or hang out. Families, couples, friends and tourists are welcome to tour the standard Lagos Mall. BEST TIME TO VISIT You can visit Palms Shopping Mall everyday of the week.  Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm SAFETY Palms Shopping Mall is a very secure location for shopping and leisure. On-guard security officials are present to guard the mall and ensure the safety of all within. Also, the shopping mall is located at a very safe location.

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Ojukwu Bunker

History of Ojukwu Bunker Ojukwu Bunker was built in 1968as a base for the Biafran war campaign. Built by Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu in 1968. Formerly belonging to the Premier of the then Eastern Region, Chief Michael Okpara, the premises where the bunker is housed was offered to the Biafran government after the fall of the first capital of Biafra. Security/Safety of Ojukwu Bunker This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Ojukwu Bunker, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Camera Best Features A part of the National War Museum annex, this structural masterpiece was built in 90 days during the Civil War under a large field behind the main house. Originally referred to as the Subterranean Office of the Government of Biafra, it was renamed Ojukwu Bunker by the public. Writer's Review The war still echoes in the conference room through the pictures of some of the major players in the war. These include the young Ojukwu with beards and in full Biafran camouflage, the late Dr. Pius Okigbo, the late Cyprian Ekwensi and the late Professor Chinua Achebe. There are also pictures of scenes from the war. Most common visitors Join a touring company to be better educated on the bunker, what it stands for and its present significance.

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was built in 2005. The highly visible site of the Aba Nigeria Temple is situated on the outskirts of Aba, north of the Ogbor River. A concrete bridge—constructed by the Church—spans the river, granting access to the temple complex. Security/Safety of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints This is a very safe location. Best Features The squat building is made from Namibian pearl granite, containing two ordinance rooms and a covers a total area of 11,500 square feet Writer's Review It is one of the must-see destinations in Abia State.

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National Museum of Colonial History

History of National Museum of Colonial History National Museum of Colonial History was established in 1985. So much has happened after Nigeria's colonial period that over time, life before colonization has become a mystery to all but a few. Luckily here in this museum, history has been preserved from the pre-colonization times to the beginning of the post-colonial era. Security/Safety of National Museum of Colonial History This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to National Museum of Colonial History, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Camera to capture the sights and take selfies with If you are a researcher or your interest is for scholarly reasons, you can bring along writing materials Things to do while at National Museum of Colonial History Before heading to National Museum of Colonial History, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Take a tour and view the works Engage the curator in talks and questions Best Features The museum is housed in the former Old Consulate Building of the then Eastern Central State, which was renovated and transformed to showcase the Nigeria of colonial era. A group of ethnographers were assembled with the focus on write-ups and collection of material culture on colonial matters intended towards setting up of the museum. Writer's Review The managers and curators of the museum has made a vuisit to the musuem pleasurable as the works and events are chronologically photographed and displayed so as you walk along your tour, you walk along history from one year to another. Allows for greater appreciation of our colonial history and easier research if need be.

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Enyimba International Stadium

History of Enyimba International Stadium Enyimba International Stadium. This is the home ground of the revered and possibly Nigeria's most successful football club Enyimba International FC. Security/Safety of Enyimba International Stadium This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Enyimba International Stadium, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Cash for gate fee Camera to capture the matches Shades or Hat because of the sun Best Features Mostly used for football matches, the stadium can accommodate about 25,000 spectators. Following some protests on the state of the stadium due to bad maintenace, the then Governor of the state started renovation and expansion of the stadium which was completed in 2016. Writer's Review Enyimba FC is the best football club in Nigeria, and so if you are in town, it will be an injustice not to watch the boys show their prowess on the field. You also get to see other famous athletes and personnel. Most common visitors You will feel among with the crowd of sports lovers, analysts, journalists and athletes that frequent the stadium.

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Abia State University

About Abia State University Abia State University Uturu, also called ABSU is a state-owned public higher institution of learning established in 1981 in the former Imo State as Imo State University, Uturu, Okigwe. It was Built by Sam Mbakwe the then Governor of old Imo State. Following the division of old Imo State to create two states, Imo and Abia, the Uturu Campus of the University was ceded to Abia State and is now known as Abia State University Uturu. ABSU is located in the Eastern region (Igbo heartland) of the country, where skill acquisition and entrepreneurship constitute the culture of the people, hence, the University’s academic plan is structured to act as the backbone in the realization of the entrepreneurship drive of the people. It actualizes this by running a comprehensive entrepreneurship skill acquisition programme so as to actualize the University’s slogan of ‘One Graduate-Two Skills’. The University runs a collegiate system of operation and offers programmes/courses accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), which lead to officially recognized degrees such as Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees in various disciplines. With an enrollment range of 20,000 - 25,000 students, ABSU strives to be an institution which will foster hard work, creativity, competition, and self-reliance. ABSU has two campuses, its main campus in Uturu, and the other in Umuahia, Abia state capital which houses the Colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. It also provides several academic and non-academic facilities such as lecture halls, faculty buildings, recreational centers, administrative services, e.t.c. Currently ranked as the 43rd best University in the county by, ABSU seeks to expand admission and bring professional skills, expertise and modern research facilities close to the city and rural dwellers. Abia State University Faculties The University offers over 90 undergraduate and postgraduate courses across ten colleges. The colleges at the institution are as follows: College of Agriculture College of Biological and Physical Sciences College of Business Administration College of Education College of Engineering College of Environmental Studies College of Law College of Humanities and Social Studies College of Medicine and Health Sciences The University also has a school of Postgraduate studies and several centers and institutes such as the Centre for Entrepreneurial, Centre for Igbo Studies, Centre for Remedial Studies, Centre for Quality Assurance and Ethics, and so on. Courses Offered At Abia State University As stated earlier, ABSU has over 90 academic programmes in various faculties. Here are some of them: College of Agriculture Agric Economics/Extension Animal Science and Fisheries Crop Production/Protection Food Science and Technology Soil Science. College of Biological and Physical Sciences Animal and Environmental Biology Biochemistry Computer Science Industrial Chemistry Industrial Physics Mathematics, Microbiology Plant and Science Biotechnology… College of Business Administration Accountancy Banking and Finance Economics Management Marketing. College of Education Curriculum and Teaching Education Educational Administration/Planning Educational Foundations Psychological Foundations Science Education Vocational Education. College of Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical/Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Info and Communication Technology Surveying and Geo-informatics. College of Environmental Studies Architecture Building Environmental Resource Management Estate Management Fine and Applied Arts Geography and Planning Urban and Regional Planning. College of Humanities and Social Studies English Language/Literature Foreign Languages and Translation Studies History and International Relations Library and Information Sciences Linguistics and Communication Studies Mass Communication Political Science Philosophy Sociology College of Medicine and Health Sciences Consists have of three faculties, and they include: (A) Basic Medical Sciences, the departments here are; Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Medical Biochemistry. (B) Clinical Medicine offer courses in; -Community Medicine -Pharmacology -Pathology -Pediatrics -Medicine -Surgery -Obstetrics and Gynecology. (C) Health Sciences, the departments here includes: Medical Laboratory Science, Optometry, and Public Health Abia State University Admission Requirements Studying at ABSU, you have to be conversant with the programmes offered in each faculty in order to choose correctly your choice of study. The University has a long list of courses offered for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, a detailed list of this has been provided above; take time to go through it before making a decision. It’s also advisable that you frequent the institution, make inquiries or more conveniently, visit the school website for reliable information on admission process in the institution, and for other news. For Prospective Undergraduates: As a prospective candidate seeking admission in Abia State University, its advisable that you go through specific admission requirements for the courses offered in the institution on the JAMB website, or the UTME Brochure published every year. Asides this, here are some general requirements: -You are required to have at least 5 credit passes in your O’level result or its equivalent at no more than two sittings. The subjects passed should include English Language, Mathematics, and any other three, based on the subject combination for your desired course of study. -You must register for JAMB, sit for the examination, and attain the prescribed JAMB cut-off mark for your course. This would make you eligible to; -Sit for the Post-UTME examination organized by the institution. Bear in mind that you must attain the exact Post-UTME cut-off mark or preferably score higher so as to increase your chances of getting admitted. If successful, your name will come out on the admission list released and you’ll be informed on subsequent steps to take, you’ll mostly be contacted for an internal screening, and you might have to go with the following documents as well as copies of your passport photograph (16 copies preferably). The documents that may be required for screening include: -Original copy of your JAMB result slip. -Original documents of your O'Level Certificate. -Original Copy of your birth certificate or a sworn declaration of age. -Your secondary school testimonial. -Copies of your recent pass photograph (16 copies preferably). Note that other documents may be requested as well, these are just the general ones that you are supposed to have. Abia State University cut-off mark for 2017/18 is 180 with the exception of Law, Engineering, and Medicine. Please note that application forms for the 2017/2018 academic session are currently closed. Further information about admission in ABSU and related news would be posted on the University’s website. For Prospective Postgraduates Postgraduate programmes at PGD, Masters, and Ph.D. levels are offered at the University. The courses offered in these levels are relatively similar to the ones offered at the Undergraduate level. The admission requirements for PG students at the institution isn’t so different from the general requirements requested in other universities. These requirements may include, obtaining 5 credit passes in SSCE/GCE or other equivalents, having a Bachelor degree with a minimum of Second Class Lower Division for PGD and Masters students or having a Masters degree with a weighted average score of 60% for Ph.D. programmes. Asides all these, you may be requested to write an entrance examination depending on your proposed programme. Other requirements may also include, NYSC Discharge Certificate/ Exemption letter, and also your academic transcript. More details about the PG school at ABSU, PG admission requirements, programmes available and lots more can be found on the University’s website. Abia State University website can be found at Abia State University Facilities ABU is home to the following: administrative buildings, lecture halls, halls of residence, staff quarters, student and staff portals, faculty buildings, research centres and institutes, an ICT centre, a teaching hospital, a farm, cafeteria’s and canteens, an online learning management system, an open courseware portal, a library, an Open Educational Resource which provides an online journal system, and lots more . Other Things To Know About Abia State University Looking at taking a tour around ABSU, or are you a prospective student of the institution? Here are a few things to note: Security Located in a secure location, the University provides adequate security to staffs and students. What To Bring Confused on what to bring? Here are some helpful items to come along with: -Cash -Books and other Educational materials -Are you a Post-UTME candidate? You should come along with originals copies of your JAMB result slip, Post-UTME exam pass, a valid means of identification, writing materials, e.t.c. Things To Do Bothered about what you can do while at the University? Here are some things you can do: -Enroll in  full-time or part-time programme -Attend social and academic events -Make Inquiries -Visit places of interest. Best Time To Visit The University During office hours on weekdays, ABSU is open for visits, inquiries, study, and exploration. Most Common Visitors At ABSU, Students, Academic Scholars, Staffs, and Tourists are the most common faces around. Best Features Offering a wide range of courses, the institution is dedicated to academic excellence and good service. Abia State University Notable Alumni The University has produced a number of prominent individuals in the Country. Here are a few: Orji Uzor Kalu, Former Governor of Abia State John Godson, Nigerian Politician Paschal Eze, Tourism Marketing Consultant Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike, Nigerian Author Writer’s Review The University is peaceful with functional social infrastructures that aid both academic and social activities; Definitely, one to attend if you crave for academic excellence.

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