Ree-Danielles Hotel is a 3-Star hotel located at No 6 Emmanuel high Street, Ogudu GRA, Ojota, Lagos. It is situated in a prominent part of the Lagos mainland.

Ree-Danielles Hotel has an array of rooms on offer. These rooms are grouped into Standard rooms, Deluxe rooms, Executive rooms and Business Suite. The rooms at Ree-Danielles Hotel are quite spacious and come with great services and facilities such as luxurious beds, wardrobe, flat-screen television sets with access to cable channels, free wireless internet access, en-suite bathrooms with stand-in showers and complimentary toiletries, telephone luggage storage, tables and armchairs, refrigerators plus in-room sofas.

Ree-Danielles hotel also boasts high-class services like: uninterrupted electricity, an event hall, adequate car parking garage, a reliable security complimented by the use of CCTV cameras, a gym and a swimming pool.

Extra services such as POS, live band entertainment, suya spot and room service are also provided for guests.

Places Of Interest Near Ree-Danielles Hotel
Lagos state University
Yaba College of Technology
Murtala Mohammed International Airport
Maryland Shopping Mall
Igbobi College

Terms and Conditions
Check in: from 12:00pm 
Check out: by 12:00pm 
Children: Free lodging
Pets: Not allowed

Q: Does Ree-Danielles Hotel have fitness facilities?
A: Yes, a gym is available for guests to use.

Q: Is there an event hall at the Ree-Danielles Hotel?
A: The Ree-Danielles hotel has a well-furnished event hall for hosting different kinds of events.

Q: Does Ree-Danielles Hotel have a Restaurant?
A: Ree-Danielles offers a restaurant that provides a menu of great tasting dishes.

Q: Is there enough vehicle parking space at Ree-Danielles hotel?
A: There is. Ree-Danielles Hotel has ample car parking space and a parking garage.

Q: Does Ree-Danielles Hotel have onsite parking? Is it free?
A: Yes, it has an adequate car parking space.

Ree-Danielles is a budget hotel in Ojota, Lagos.

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Single Bed
Wi-fi Internet Access
Flatscreen TV
Room Service
24 Electricity
Parking Garage
Security Guard
Night Club
Event Hall
Suya Spot
CCTV camera
Live Band Entertainment
Luggage Storage

5.3 out of 10

overall guest score


54.444% Complete


52.222% Complete

Service Quality

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56.667% Complete
18 customer reviews about Ree-Danielles

8.8 out of 10

by Anonymous

"just okay"

My stay at the hotel was just alright. My check in and check out went seamless. The environment was cool and quiet. The customer services was good. The facilities worked well and the room was well cleaned.

Posted November 29, 2017

4.8 out of 10

by Mr. Monday

"Good stay"

My stay itself was awesome but I experienced a few issues that should improve. For example, finding a space to park was difficult. Besides the parking issue, I found some of the staff to be unruly and rude especially when speaking over the phone with them. The impression it left with me wasn't good enough.

Posted February 15, 2017

6 out of 10

by Mr. Murtala


Ree-Danielles is a very nice hotel which is well furnished. I was checked in accordingly. The customer service was very helpful as they always responded when called upon. The water in the bathroom was not clean which I really did not appreciate but in general, the hotel is very clean.

Posted January 27, 2017

4 out of 10

by Ree-Danielles. Ojota, Lagos

"Bad stay"

There were so many faults with the different rooms, we had to be moved frequently. The room we eventually settled for had faulty lights, there was no refrigerator too. To cap it all, the receptionist was somewhat rude and tactless.

Posted January 5, 2017

4 out of 10

by Mr. Richard

"Terrible stay"

My stay was nothing to write home about. This is easily my worst experience at a hotel. I wouldn't believe that anyone would have a good review for your hotel. The level of poor services is unimaginable. I prefer not to go into detail but there is no way I am using your hotel again.

Posted January 5, 2017

6 out of 10

by Mr. Gbenga


My stay was okay and good, the room was clean and comfortable, Power and Water supply was available, the Service Quality was okay and it was a perfect location for my work.

Posted January 5, 2017

5.2 out of 10

by Mr. Tobore

"Bad Experience"

In my own opinion, this hotel is horrible. From 10 - 6am there was no power supply and guests were left to suffer in darkness. I had to leave the next day because I could not stay another day.

Posted January 5, 2017

2 out of 10

by Tobore

"Horrible Hotel !!!"

This is the worst hotel I've stayed all my life. If there is no power from PHCN, lodgers are left without electricity. I paid for 2 nights, I spent just one night and checked out in anger. As I am typing this review, my reservation is still valid at Ree-Danielles, but I had to leave to another hotel due to the unbearable condition at Ree-Danielles. I wasn't refunded even after explaining to them that I was leaving because of the lack of electricity. How can people run a hotel in such a shabby way and subject lodgers to unimaginable lodging condition? I will never go there again!!!

Posted January 5, 2017

5.6 out of 10

by Gabriel Osazua


It was really nice. It was five great nights with good people around, the service was good. I always say that customer service is what need in this country, so getting such service was impressing. I look forward to another wonderful time at your hotel.

Posted January 5, 2017

9.2 out of 10

by Abiodun


Service was by far the best part of our stay here. The staff are excellent. The breakfast was also very good. Great variety of food. Rooms were very clean and comfortable. Super fast internet was a bonus. Wish we had stayed longer here. The check in and checkout was super smooth. The hotel rooms are fantastic and done up beautifully. Small gestures by the staff make the stay truly special. The service was excellent and everyone was polite, I just had a little issue with the bathroom facilities but it was fixed. I would definitely visit again.

Posted August 26, 2015

7.6 out of 10

by Osakome Awata

"Short but good"

It was a short stay but good, I got to the hotel late because there was serious traffic from the airport but my room was still reserve for me. the receptionist was great and really nice, the food I ate was fresh and delicious too. Your hotel is doing a great job.

Posted June 17, 2015

8 out of 10

by Akin Joseph


I had no problem with the hotel. The facilities commensurate with the price. It was a brief and nice stay.

Posted February 23, 2015

6 out of 10

by Dele

"Just ok"

There is nothing fantastic about it. It was just ok

Posted February 18, 2015

4 out of 10

by Richard

"Not good"

Regretfully, my stay was stressful. The air condition in the room was not functioning. I went through the troubles of changing rooms before I could settle. And just when I felt I could rest, I was nicely served with a beautifully decorated salty food. I bet you can tell how I felt staying in your hotel.

Posted February 3, 2015

2 out of 10

by Mr seun


For the price and facilities in there, the hotel was very good, they had a nice and lovely environment.....Though the shower curtain wasn't there and one had to be very careful in order not to splash water on the floor and the risk of falling also, there should be a shower curtain there...also they should have a towel for the floor in order to mop up the water that spills out from the bath area

Posted December 16, 2014

2 out of 10

by Mr ologi


I was at the hotel,They have a great customer service,clean environment,tasty food.Not a bad place to be.I only had a little challenge.The room I was logged in had an offensive,repelling cigarette smell.I had to tell the hotel attendants to purge out the smell which they did.I only advise that the Hotel have a strict NO SMOKE policy in their rooms.Asides that,It is a great Hotel.

Posted December 9, 2014

10 out of 10

by Anonymous


Everything was excellent. The environment was clean, and room comfortable. They were security conscious; services provided were great and very easily accessible. My stay was splendid.

Posted November 8, 2013


by Anonymous


My stay was terrible, no heater in the standard room I used, I had to call each time I needed hot water to have my bath. The room I stayed was small and not up to standard. They should work on their facilities and equip their hotel because people pay more and get less.

Posted September 23, 2013