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by 4 Guests
Hotel Valerie is a new hotel establishment, located in the heart of Asaba metropolis Delta state. Having excellence in mind, with you as the ultimate goal, we embarked on a mission to introduce a revolution in the hospitality industry with the construction of an edifice equippped with the most ultra modern facilities be it human, capital and infrastructural, bearing your comfort in mind. Today, we can proudly say that we are a world class establishment, having assembled the best management team there is to see that your quest for satisfaction is guaranteed. The hotel readily made provisions for services only previously imagined in this region and our well cultured staffs are all too eager to serve you better. You would not be wrong to say we are excellence personified, but to us at HOTEL VALERIE, we are simply the BEST.......
Hotel Valerie is a budget hotel in Asaba, Delta.

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Wireless Internet
Flatscreen TV
Event Hall
Swimming Pool
Gift Shop

6.4 out of 10

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5 customer reviews about Hotel Valerie

9.2 out of 10

by Nkereuwem

"interesting Rooms"

Highly impressed all the time.

Posted 2015-08-25 11:36:51

5 out of 10

by Anonymous


I could not access my email because there was no Wi-Fi connectivity. The service quality was inefficient because I did not get quick access to my room due to some kind of confusion with room key. The reception at the front office was poor. The water heater was not working and there was no security guard on-sight. The only good thing was the clean environment and decent meal. Generally, my stay was not really pleasant.

Posted 2013-11-14 08:51:19

4.2 out of 10

by Anonymous


My stay was fine and the hotel met my expectation. I have nothing to complain of because I was 100 percent satisfied.

Posted 2013-11-08 04:30:47

7 out of 10

by Anonymous


The Hotel was not quite was I wanted, there was no towel and no bathroom mat. Although, it was very clean and calm. They need to pay attention to little details because these things are very important and should always be provided.

Posted 2013-11-04 05:50:31


by Anonymous


Customer service at the hotel is very nice.I had a problem with the room I was put in cos the sheets did not look fresh.I had to complain so that the sheets could be replaced.The Air conditioning at the hotel has no water hose to run the exhaust liquid out quietly,the water dripping disturbed me all through the night.Not a bad Hotel anyways

Posted 2013-04-16 04:57:43