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You’ll be quiet taken aback by the splendor of this hotel. The exterior is superb, and the interlocking tiles, stately palm trees, and covered walkway bring a kind of serenity that almost can’t be described.

 The interior is even more interesting. Expansive rooms come with a refrigerator, tiled private kitchen area, an executive desk and chair, center table, air conditioning, and a mirrored cupboard for luggage. You can bring work with you and connect to the free Wi-Fi available, or take a cool dip in the rippling blue waters of the pool downstairs.

Restrooms are equipped with a tub and stocked with toiletries so you don’t have to fret over the minor things when you could just sit back and let them cater to you. Laundry services will have your garments crisp and fresh in no time while room service is certainly willing to deliver your orders from the in-house restaurant or you have the option to chill at the bar/lounge for as long as you like.


All vehicles are safe downstairs amidst the whispering trees and lush greenery.

Wikki Hotels is a top-class hotel in Bauchi, Bauchi.

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Swimming Pool
Air Conditioning
Adequate Parking Space
24 hours Electricity
Room Service
Private Bathroom

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