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by 18 Guests

Lagos Oriental Hotel is one of the luxury hotels in Victoria Island, Lagos. When entering the Lagos Oriental Hotel, you feel an atmosphere inspired by a dynamic modernity blended with exquiste taste.
All the facilities on display, from the Chinese Restaurant, the Japanese Gourmet Restaurant, the Lobby Lounge & Bar’s and the Grand Ballroom to the guest rooms and suites, meet the most exacting demands for comfort and service. Guests looking for top hotels in Victoria Island can be rest assured that Lagos Oriental Hotel more than meets the criteria, as it is one of the choice hotels in Lagos for premium relaxation and comfort.
Lagos Oriental Hotel promises excellent accommodation, business and leisure experiences with 64 guestrooms including 9 spacious suites.We really appreciate your patronage, please note that we advertise to guest that we have free internet access in the room. WIFI is usually provided based on request!

Lagos Oriental Hotel is a luxury hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos.

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Wireless Internet
Wired Internet
Air Condition
24 Electricity
Adequate Parking
Luggage Storage
Event Hall
CCTV camera
Fitness facilities
Conference facility

7.9 out of 10

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80% Complete

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18 customer reviews about Lagos Oriental Hotel

9.2 out of 10

by Mr. Bello

"Great stay"

My stay at the hotel was excellent. I wasn't expecting anything less given the rate I was charged. I was there for a night and did not have any complain at all. I will definitely be back soon.

Posted 2017-03-07 14:20:57

9.6 out of 10

by Mr Shanu


I really had a great time at Lagos Oriental Hotel, it was very neat and easy to locate. I am impressed with the quality of service I got at the hotel.The staff were very professional and efficient, the rooms were clean. The food was affordable, delicious and delivered on time. Their facilities are of standard and water was available, power supply was uninterrupted. Its a good stay.

Posted 2017-02-22 17:09:18

9.6 out of 10

by Anonymous

"Wonderful "

Everything was perfect , the rooms were really spacious and comfortable with lovely bed and pillows. The breakfast buffet had loads of wonderful options. We had the most pleasant week

Posted 2017-02-22 17:07:37

8 out of 10

by Mr. Femi

"Good stay"

My stay at the Lagos Oriental Hotel was a good stay. I had a really nice time, the customer service were very attentive, they had good meals and there was maximum security.The rooms were really clean also the bathroom, I'm looking forward to going back to the hotel.

Posted 2017-02-22 17:06:45

9.6 out of 10

by Mr. Joe

"Fantastic "

I had a really nice stay with my family

Posted 2016-07-28 11:05:39

10 out of 10

by Okiki


I had such a nice time there and will definitely go back there tomorrow.

Posted 2016-07-28 11:16:09

10 out of 10

by Greg

"Excellent choice"

This is definitely one of the best hotels in Victoria Island, Lagos. I like coming back here whenever I can.

Posted 2016-07-28 11:16:40

9.6 out of 10

by Ibrahim

"Beautiful hotel"

We stayed one night. The hotel was a great choice but I have to mention the service. It was superb. The hotel staff were friendly, efficient and very helpful. Room service was amazing, when ever we ordered something, it never took so long before delivering it. "Had a great stay at your hotel. Great location for nice big rooms, comfy bed, friendly and helpful staff. the morning breakfast was great. I Highly recommend this hotel.

Posted 2015-08-28 00:24:50

8 out of 10

by John

"Nice Hotel"

Stayed here for two nights and was very happy with our stay overall. The hotel is brand new, rooms are large and facilities are satisfactory. I would have given this hotel 5 stars, taking the price in considering, however, the hotel does have problems with food hygiene. The food in their breakfast as well as friday night buffet were not satisfactory heated, and one morning, the power was cut off which happened several times and the food was left out in the open for hours. With that said, they do have very good food in their restaurant, however I will strongly encourage the hotel to increase their awareness of food hygiene. This is the only drawback of the hotel. I do recommend staying at this hotel, and I would personally not hesitate to return. The staff was very friendly and the service was great overall.

Posted 2015-08-20 11:33:30

8.8 out of 10

by Omotala


We needed somewhere to stay at short notice, everywhere was booked up and this was the only place we could find close to where we had a program. It is really a great place to stay, very beautiful and peaceful environment, not quite expensive. The staff were friendly and helpful, the room was clean and beautiful, the facilities were very okay and the services were excellent. The hotel is very secured as well, I would like to visit again.

Posted 2015-08-18 04:21:57

6.4 out of 10

by Babatunde

"Good place"

I really enjoyed my stay at your hotel,and the environment was nice.

Posted 2015-05-21 04:17:13

9.6 out of 10

by Babashanjo

"Very good"

The hotel is beautiful, very neat and the service is first class.

Posted 2015-05-18 11:06:28

8 out of 10

by Olalekan

"Beautiful hotel here "

This is my first time visiting Lagos, and i was told to go have a look at this hotel which i did. Fabulous is just an understatement, because i really had a cool stay at the hotel, the room i booked for was spacious, conducive and extremely neat and well ventilated.Their services were on point and i could not have asked for more.When next am visiting Lagos, i would love to be here again.Keep this up there

Posted 2015-02-09 11:33:39

8 out of 10

by Arc. Niniola

"good hotel"

This is an international standard hotel with comfortable rooms, well secured and clean environment, the hotel is also very close to the Lagos shop-rite which i had access to get anything i wanted at anytime. But they need a little improvement in terms of the services provided. Apart from that, every other thing was fine

Posted 2015-02-02 04:47:24

2 out of 10

by Mr Andrew


Honestly speaking, I’m satisfied with everything here. I give them 90.8%. The staff were wonderful and accommodating; always at your service. The room service was very good. I also enjoyed the comfort of the room given to me; it was very clean, well arranged and all the necessary things in the rest room were provided.

Posted 2014-12-15 04:50:22

2 out of 10

by Sunny


the hotel is lovely the staff are good,nice poll,lovely food and friendly manager I will be back soon

Posted 2014-12-12 05:22:00

7 out of 10

by Anonymous

"Nice Place"

It is a very nice hotel, but they need to improve on their service quality. The food also was not nice and the shower drain in my bathroom was smelly which also made my room very smelly. They should always make sure that everything in the hotel is in good condition to avoid little occurrences like this. I am familiar with this hotel and things are usually in order and comfortable but I don’t know how they allowed things to go sour. They need to put more effort on maintenance. In all, the hotel is always a nice place to stay.

Posted 2013-12-02 11:28:50

7.4 out of 10

by Anonymous


The room is spacious, well arranged and my bed is comfortable. The hotel was well secured, location was perfect and the environment was clean and calm. But they need to improve on their meal both the breakfast and dinner.

Posted 2013-10-04 03:54:55