Royal Palace Hotel

301/303 Agbani Road

Royal Palace Hotel
Royal Palace Hotel
Royal Palace Hotel
Royal Palace Hotel
Royal Palace Hotel

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Located at 301/303 Agbani Road Enugu, our hotel combines artistic decoration and high quality service to ensure a splendid experience for all of our visitors. We endeavour to provide all of our customers with a unique experience at all times.

Our rooms are distinctively furnished and fitted with the very best in housing technology. They are also maintained and kept sparkling neat at all times by our highly knowledgeable staff. Our secure and pristine environment makes for a relaxing getaway for all categories of individuals.

 We have succeeded in building a reputation for providing a personalised angle to hospitality.  

Royal Palace Hotel is hotel in Abgani, Enugu.
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+234 814 880 8800, +234 700 880 8800


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