Amiras Paley Hotel

Oribanwa lagasa road, oribanwa, ibeju lekki Lekki, Lagos

Amiras Paley Hotel
Amiras Paley Hotel
Amiras Paley Hotel
Amiras Paley Hotel
Amiras Paley Hotel

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thumbs-up 1,013 People liked this hotel

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Amiras Paley Hotel is an affordable hotel located at Oribanwa Lagasa Road, Oribanwa, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The hotel is in proximity to 360 Kiosk, RCCG Havens Parish, Val Times Restaurant and Bar, Mayfair Shopping Complex and Mayfair Garden Club. The hotel is located at the city centre. It is well-known for its comfortable rooms and serene environment.Room categories in the hotel are Single Room, Deluxe Double Room, Double Room and Deluxe Queen Room. The rooms are carefully and tastefully arranged to make guests comfortable all through their stay. Each room has an air conditioner, wardrobe, alarm clock, bedside lamp, bedside drawer, minibar, LCD TV, workdesk and a private bathroom. The bathrooms gleam with tiles on the wall and floor. They are fitted with either a bathtub or a stand-in shower and a water heater. There are also complimentary toiletries in the bathrooms. All guests are entitled to complimentary breakfast.

A number of facilities are made available by Amiras Paley Hotel. They include free wireless internet, a restaurant and a bar. The restaurant is charged with the task of taking care of guests culinary need. The restaurant cooks its meal with precision to make sure guests have the best meal at all time. The onsite bar has an embarrassment of drinks to satisfy different guests. Guests can order a chilled bottle of drink of choice from the bar.

The hotel is a top destination for families on vacation, couples on honeymoon, leisure travellers and business travellers. It is relatively cheaper than other hotels in its category. The nearest airport is Murtala Muhammed International Airport, 46km away.

Interesting Places to Visit Near Amiras Paley Hotel
360 Kiosk (0.49km)
Val Times Restaurant and Bar (0.82km) 
RCCG Heavens Parish (0.86km)
Shandy Hall School (1.09km)
Mayfair Shopping Complex (1.54km) 
Mayfair Garden Club (1.61km)

Terms and Condition
Check In: From 11:30 AM
Check Out: Until 12:00 PM
Cancellation: Cancellation policies vary according to room type.
Children: All children are allowed.
Pets: Pets are not allowed.
Payment: Cash, Visa and MasterCard accepted here.
Please note that non-refundable rates can only be booked via card prepayments and reservations made on these rates cannot be refunded.

Hotel Amiras Paley Hotel is a top-class hotel in Lekki, Lagos .

Terms and Conditions

Check in: From 2:00 pm with ID card
Check out: By 12:00pm
Payment: Cash or card
Pets are not allowed
Children below age 13 years can stay free.
Cancellation: Cancellation 2 days before arrival is free, but 100% will be charged if guests cancel less than 2 days before arrival.

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Frequently asked questions about Amiras Paley Hotel

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Does Amiras Paley Hotel offer free wifi?

Yes, guests have access to free wireless internet service.

Does Amiras Paley Hotel offer complimentary breakfast?

Yes, all guests are entitled to complimentary breakfast.

Does Amiras Paley Hotel have a restaurant?

Yes, there is a restaurant onsite.

Does Amiras Paley Hotel have onsite parking? is it free?

Yes, guests are allowed to park for free at the hotel.

Does Amiras Paley Hotel allow pets?

No, pets are not allowed here.  

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Nice stay

by Tolulope on May 31, 2022

I enjoyed my stay but my challenge was the AC not working well.

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