Ikire Hotel

Alagbon, owode yewa, owode yewa Yewa South, Ogun


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Yewa South

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With its exquisite structure and coloured to give a homely atmosphere, Ikire Hotel is situated at Alagbon, Owode Yewa, Ogun State, Nigeria.The hotel has well-decorated Single Rooms equipped with a cosy bed, cable connected TV, a wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom.

Ikire Hotel features an on-site and off-site parking area, and an on-site bar fully stocked with a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Security personnel man the complex round the clock.

Hotel Ikire Hotel is a top-class hotel in Yewa South, Ogun .

Terms and Conditions about Hotel Ikire Hotel

Check In: From 9:00 AM (With ID)
Check Out: By 12:00 PM
Cancellation: Free Cancellation.
Children: All children not older than 12 are allowed to stay at no extra charge.
Pets: Pets are not allowed.
Payment: Cash payment only

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Frequently asked questions about Ikire Hotel

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Does Ikire Hotel offer free Wi-Fi?

There is no Wi-Fi at this hotel 

Does Ikire Hotel have a swimming pool?

There is no swimming pool in this hotel 

Is there a fitness centre/gym at Ikire Hotel? What type of equipment are available?

No. A gym is not available at the hotel. 

Does Ikire Hotel have a restaurant?

A restaurant is not available at Ikire Hotel. 

What is the check-in and check-out time at Ikire Hotel?

Check-in and check-out hours are 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM respectively. 

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[email protected]

+234 814 880 8800, +234 700 880 8800

Distance from Ikire Hotel - 36.22 mins (30.18km)

Tadland Hotel
Opposite Health Cent... Yewa South, Ogun


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