La Skaft Suites

29 adiyan street near abiola international school, alagbado Sango, Ogun

La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites
La Skaft Suites

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Event Hall
Free Parking
Meeting Rooms
Parking Garage

Wi-fi Internet Access

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thumbs-up 1,212 People liked this hotel

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La Skaft Suitesis is a quaint hotel located at No 29, Adiyan Street near Abiola international School, Alagbado in Sango Ogun state. La Skaft Suites is a 7-minute drive away from St. Francis catholic Church and a 1-hour drive from the Murtala Mohammed international airport. It has Wi-Fi internet, restaurant, standing fan, telephone, TV, bar, laundry, meeting room, event hall, parking garage, free parking, safety deposit boxes, and 24v hours room service.
The well-decorated rooms are fitted with wifi internet you can use to connect to the internet, en-suite bathrooms, a flat screen TV for entertainment with satellite reception, a standing fan, and a telephone for making calls. There is adequate parking space for you to park your vehicles. There is adequate security for the protection of our guests. The bar/lounge offers a variety of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The restaurant offers a variety of different local meals.
There is a meeting room available for rent as well as an event centre for you to rent. There is also laundry service, room service and car hire service available.
Hotel policies include;
Check in: from 12:00 pm.
Payment: cash.
Check out: by 12:00 pm
Children: max age: 12

Cancellation: free 24 hours before arrival date.

Hotel La Skaft Suites is a top-class hotel in Sango, Ogun .

Terms and Conditions

Check in: From 2:00 pm with ID card
Check out: By 12:00pm
Payment: Cash or card
Pets are not allowed
Children below age 13 years can stay free.
Cancellation: Cancellation 2 days before arrival is free, but 100% will be charged if guests cancel less than 2 days before arrival.

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+234 814 880 8800, +234 700 880 8800

Distance from La Skaft Suites - 4.5 mins (3.75km)

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