Virgingold Guest House

1 prince hassan momoh avenue, cele bus stop, alagbole, ojodu, lagos. Alagbole, Ojodu, Lagos


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24 Hours Electricity
Adequate Parking Space
Air Conditioning
In House Bar

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Alagbole, Ojodu

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Virgingold Guest House is close to Tafawa Balewa Square and Papaz Lounge. It is located at 1, Prince Hassan Momoh Avenue, Cele Bus Stop, Alagbole, Ojodu, Lagos. It offers simple lodgings at extremely cheap prices.

The accommodations are air conditioned and feature a comfy bed, a study desk and a private bathroom. Depending on the guests’ budget, Virgingold Guest House has rooms in Deluxe Single and Executive categories.

An in-house bar is open to guests who want soft drinks, beers and other kinds of drinks. The restaurant offers an array of tasty local meals to guests.

Adequate parking space has been provided. On request, Virgingold Guest House renders laundry/dry cleaning services. There is constant electricity. Round-the-clock security is carried out by security personnel.

Interesting Places to Visit near Virgingold Guest House
Maleeq Bar
Tafawa Balewa Square
Papaz Lounge

Hotel Virgingold Guest House is a top-class hotel in Alagbole, Ojodu, Lagos .

Terms and Conditions about Hotel Virgingold Guest House

Check in: From 12:00 pm
Check out: By 12:00 pm
Children: Kids not older than 12 can stay

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Frequently asked questions about Virgingold Guest House

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Does Virgingold Guest House offer laundry services?

Guests can request for laundry and dry cleaning services.

Is there WiFi access at Virgingold Guest House?

Virgingold Guest House does not provide WiFi facilities.

Does Virgingold Guest House have a restaurant?

A restaurant is available on the hotel premises.

Does Virgingold Guest House render car hire services?

Car hire services are unavailable.

Does Virgingold Guest House have a parking space?

There is a spacious parking space.

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