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Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna is a dependent French overseas collectivity primarily made up of three volcanic islands (Wallis, Futuna, and Alofi) and several islets. The territory is located on the continent of Oceania. Citizens of the territory are referred to as Wallisian, Futunan or Wallis and Futuna Islander. The islands are most attractive for their ability to offer visitors the chance to explore one of the nature's most unspoiled territories whilst still maintaining the comforts of home like cars, electricity, TV, Wifi. 

Also, the territory is perfect for people who want to enjoy all the wonderful sights but without the inconvenience of huge crowds as one gets in nearby islands like Fiji and Samoa. The Islands' capital and largest city is Mata Utu.

The islands have an equatorial hot and humid climate all year round, seeing a hot, rainy season from November to April and a cool, dry season from May to October. The best time to visit the islands is from April until October when the islands have a warm temperature and little rainfall. It is best to wear light clothing on the islands.

The cultures of Wallis and Futuna Islanders is Polynesian and very similar to that of neighboring islands like Samoa and Fiji. The official language on the Islands is French whilst its Vernacular languages are Wallisian and Futunan. About 99% of the islanders are Roman Catholics making for an overwhelmingly Christian territory.

The country is known for its great foods featuring lots of fresh fish, sweet potatoes, croissants, bananas, French pastries, freshly baked bread, etc. There are several great restaurants like Restaurant Le Paradise which sits directly on water and serves delicious Polynesian dishes. 

The locals on the Island are welcoming and are more than happy to share their culture. Visitors can also take part in several festivals that include music, canoe races, sword dancing, roasted pigs, dance performances, etc.
Some incredible tourist locations on the island are:
  • Lake Lalolalo: This is one of the most visited locations in the islands. It is a beautiful body of pristine water comprising rocky cliffs and water over 75 meters deep. It is a spectacular crater lake that almost forms a perfect circle and despite its being impossible to swim in, it still offers quite a sight. This location is pretty interesting because it is the site of the fight between the Tangan and Wallis army. Here you can still find the remains of stone walls that were destroyed during the war.
  • Talimetumu (Kolo Noi): Talimetumu, located on Wallis, is believed to have been built around 1450 as a Tongan settlement. In 1535 though, everyone is believed to have left the area after the assassination of King Takalaua. Some of the structures that existed then have been preserved even till this day and the area receives tourists. 
  • Mata Utu Cathedral: Wallis and Futuna boasts quite a number of beautifully architectured churches one of which is the Mata Utu Cathedral. Located in Wallis, it features lava rock, coral walls and a magnificently decorated interior.

These are all in addition to Wallis and Futuna having amazing beaches and coral reefs and boasting spectacular snorkeling experiences.
There is sufficient hotel accommodation for visitors in Wallis and Futuna.


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