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What currency is used in Micronesia? ?

The official currency of the Federal States of Micronesia is US dollars.

What religious practice is predominant in Micronesia? ?

Christianity is the predominant religious practice in the Federal States of Micronesia, which is divided into Roman Catholic and Protestant.

What is the crime level in Micronesia? ?

Micronesia’s crime level is relatively low, save for the occasional petty crimes, like non-violent thefts and break-ins.

What is Micronesia's climate like? ?

Micronesia’s climate is typically warm and tropical with two distinct seasons, the dry season between December and April and the rainy seasons from April to December, with the greatest falls between July and October.

What is eaten most in Micronesia? ?

Micronesia predominantly has staple foods, fruits and vegetables in its cuisine.

How much does it cost ?

How much does it cost to get Micronesia visa ?

I'm Nigeria citizen i want to go to fsm from Nigeria what is the process ?

Can I work if I visit Micronesia ?

Can I work if I visit Micronesia ?

Can it be possible for me to come Micronesia this period. I wish to reside in Micronesia? [email protected]. phone number +2348147857327. ?

How can l travel to Micronesia from nigeria ?

Can I get sponsorship from Micronesia as I am not financially bouyant to help myself but will pay back as am working ....pls [email protected] +2348105255074 ?

What are the documents I need to get if I’m going to Micronesia ?

How possible, for a nigerian citizeen to get micronesia visa? E-mail [email protected] Phone No. 08080442628 ?

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