Student Visa from Nigeria to United States of America

Student Visa from Nigeria to United States of America Description

  • Individuals who want to study in the United States can apply for a student visa.
  • This visa is of two types the F1 and M1 and are both valid for the duration of the course of study.
  • To be eligible for the student visa, you must
    • be accepted into a renowned academic institution in the United States
    • be a university/college, high school, seminary or elementary school.
    • take up approved language programs
    • be enrolled in a course that lasts over 18 hours in a week.
  • The M1 visa is issued to individuals who want to take up a vocational/non-academic course.
  • Holders of both the F and M visa must resume their course within 5 months of getting the visa otherwise, they would lose their status.
  • You can take up short courses such as cooking courses with a tourist visa.
  • The admission/acceptance letter issued by the institution in the United States should be presented during the consular interview.
  • Students are usually given a period of 60 days extra at the course completion to either leave the US or register for another course.
  • If you are married or you have children that are still minors, a dependent visa called F-2 visa will be issued to them alongside your F-1 visa if they intend to live with you.
  • Ensure that The officer at the port of entry issues a Form I-94 with expiration date indicated as "D/S" (Duration of Status), which means that the student is in authorized status in the United States until the program end date indicated on the I-20.
  • Your transcripts, test scores from your school or other similar documents might be required.
  • The institution you are applying to has to be a SEVP-approved school in the United States. After the school has accepted you, you will be registered for SEVIS and pay a fee different from the application fee.
  • Whoever is accompanying you with an F2 visa has to also register for SEVIS but will not be required to pay the fee.
  • Students must have a sponsor who would have to issue a proof of relationship.
  • If you are on scholarship, you would have to submit the letter of scholarship which should state the duration of the scholarship, and how much of your studies the scholarship covers.
  • You must show that you would return to your home country when your visa expires.

Student Visa from Nigeria to United States of America Requirements

  • Passport with a validity of more than 6 months from the intended period of exiting the country. The passport should have at least two blank pages for the necessary stamp.
  • Duly completed visa application form signed by the applicant.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs with a white background. The photo should follow the specification for a visa application.
  • Original copy of bank statement from the past three months prior to the period of visa application. This is proof of a steady and continuous flow of funds.
  • Travel insurance which has sufficient medical coverage. The insurance should be valid for the duration of your stay in the country.
  • Proof of civil status.
  • Proof of accommodation for the period you will be staying in the country.
  • Copy of return flight ticket.
  • Travel itinerary.
Validity: duration of study
Processing Time: 5-15 days
Cost: Not available

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