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Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is the capital and most populous city in Saudi Arabia, it is located approximately 790 km North-east of Mecca. The best time to visit Saudi Arabia is in winter between the months of late October and early March.

The climate in Saudi Arabia is a semi-arid, desert climate, with high temperatures during the day and low temperatures at night. The peak winter in Saudi Arabia is usually during the months of December and January while peak summer starts during June and July.

Saudi Arabia is home to over 150 different ethnic groups and tribes.

The culture of Saudi Arabia is greatly influenced by the Arab and Islamic culture.

The major religion practised in Saudi Arabia is Islam and it is the only muslim nation to claim the Quran as it's constitution.

Saudi Arabian cuisine is very similar to that of the surrounding countries in the Arabian Peninsula, and it has been heavily influenced by Persian, Turkish, and African food. The inner main urban areas of Mecca and Riyadh there are no safety concerns, but in the remote and rural areas, there are plenty of safety issues particularly near the border with Iraq and Yemen.

Saudi Arabia is home to various celebrations and festivals, most of which are associated with their Muslim belief, some of these are; the Janadriyah National Festival - This is known as the biggest folk and cultural festival in Saudi Arabia, takes place for two weeks each February in Janadriyah, about 30 miles from Riyadh. It features thrilling horse and camel races are among the highlights of what may be Saudi Arabia’s liveliest non-religious public gathering; Milad al-Nabi - This is held to celebrate the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, it features children reciting poems about the Prophet, while older Saudis tell stories about Muhammad's life and accomplishments, large feasts and street processions are also held and the date varies from year to year depending on the Islamic calendar; Jeddah Festival - This is held in the port city of Jeddah between June and July. It is known to be the most tourist friendly festival in Saudi Arabia, it features saudi dishes, sale of local handicrafts, and display of fireworks over Jeddah’s stunning Corniche; Unification of the Kingdom Day - This is the country’s only secular public holiday, and it held every September 23 on the anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s founding in 1932. It features private celebrations and more recently public display of singing, dancing, honking car horns, and waving Saudi flags; Eid al-Adha - This festival lasts four days long, and it is held to marks the moment when Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice Ishmael, his son, for Allah. It entails people dressing up in their finest clothing, saying special prayers, and slaughtering lambs to share their meat with everyone.

Saudi Arabia is home to many attractions and places that draw tourist from all over the world here every year. Some of these attractions are:

  • Al-Ula - This is an ancient site known for thriving trade and commercial ventures. In the heart of the country, it is amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the country.
  • Medain Saleh - This city is filled with ancient ruins including splendid towers, walls, and dwellings, It is home to ancient tombs and an old Ottoman railway, and offers tourist a view into the past and history of the Saudi Arabian people.
  • Dumat al Jundal - This is another one of the ancient cities in Saudi Arabia, it offers a mystery and tales, and also showcases some of Saudi Arabia’s best culture.
  • Farasan Islands - This island offers tourists a glorious Sandy beach, with simmering cool waters. If features activities like bird watching, water sports and explorations to discover beautiful mangrove forests and historical sites.
  • Najran - This is located very close to the border with Yemen, it offers a warm and friendly welcome to visitors, historical sites. and architecture, a great atmosphere, and culture mix of Saudi Arabia and those from neighbouring Yemen, creating a tantalizing taste of Arabia.

There are over 5000 hotels and accommodations in Saudi Arabia, offering high class and quality service. 

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