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San Marino

San Marino is a microstate with a population of about 30,000. The official language is Italian and its population is predominantly Catholic.

The capital city, also called San Marino is home to most of the major attractions.

The country has limited public transport facilities. Bus services are available to get into the country, and there are also taxi services in the country. An aerial cable car, the Funivia di San Marino is also available for commute from Borgo Maggiore to the City of San Marino. Covering an area of 61 square kilometres, you can explore some parts of the country on foot.

San Marino has four seasons, with hot sunny summers and a mild rainy winter. August is the hottest month and January is the coldest. The peak travel time is the summer, so if you want to avoid the crowd, visit during autumn or spring, the temperature is comfortable at these time.

September is especially a good time to visit, and you can catch the Crossbow Tournament held in celebration of the country’s foundation.

San Marino is surrounded by Italy and their culture and cuisine are similar. a dish unique to the country is the Torta Tre Monti, a wafer layered chocolate cake depicting the symbolic Three Towers of San Marino.

The country’s capital is located atop Mount Titano, which together with the city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Although small, the country receives about two million tourists a year, some notable places of interest are:

  • The Three Towers of San Marino: located at the peak of San Marino, the towers are Guaita, Cesta, and Montale. You can take guided tours to the peak of the towers.
  • The Cathedral of San Marino: the main church in San Marino, you can visit to observe neoclassical architecture.
  • The Piazza della Libertà: which features a colourful change of guard ceremony
  • The State Museum of San Marino (Museo di stato di San Marino): features a collection of artefacts and paintings related to the country’s history.

Tourism contributes to San Marino’s economy, and there are a number of comfortable hotels and inns for tourists to enjoy the San Marino experience.

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