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Russian Federation

Russia has its capital city in Moscow. During the summer period when the temperatures are warm and convenient for sightseeing, flocks of tourists travel to Moscow and other Russian cities on holidays. Late spring – May – and early fall – October – are the periods when tourists visit Russia the most. The weather in Russia varies between its four seasons – spring (March 1 – May 31), summer (June 1 – August 31), autumn (September 1 – November 30), and winter (December 1 – February 28). Winter is Russia’s coldest season and it’s common for temperatures to fall below -20 degrees in cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Other seasons also experience moderately cold weather, but summer is its warmest season.

Russia is the world’s largest country. Orthodox Christianity is the most popular religion in the country, followed by Islam and Tengrism, a form of pagan religion. Popular traditional food in Russia includes borscht, pirozhkis, and caviar. Russia is home to more than 190 ethnic groups with Russian being the official language, although there are also more than 100 minority languages spoken. Many Russians also speak English as a second language

Taking a trip through a Russian city, you have the option of taking either a bus or a taxi, or using the tram or metro. Russia is generally safe, but visitors are advised to exercise caution when visiting the country as there could be a possibility of terrorist attacks and violent crimes including racist attacks and robbery.

Moscow and St. Petersburg (popularly known as Leningrad) are Russia’s most popular cities. Both cities are rich in Russian history and culture with an array of art galleries, museums, restaurants, churches, and fashion stores.

Popular events and festivals in Russia include:
  • St. Petersburg Beer Festival – this takes place in June and features hundreds of brands showcasing their products. There’s also live music and food to keep the thousands that attend yearly entertained.
  • Stars of White Nights Festival – also held in St. Petersburg at the Mariinsky Theatre, this festival kicks off in May until July, and highlights Russia’s love of opera, classical music, and ballet with performances from top artists, orchestras, solo musicians and conductors.
  • International Moscow Film Festival – Taking place in June through July, this event ushers in celebrities from Russia’s entertainment industry for documentaries, short films and movie screenings.

Popular tourist destinations and activities to take part in when in Russia include:
  • The Kremlin – This is a famous historical site which has structures as old as five centuries with spectacular intricate interiors
  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral – an ancient structure that showcases Russia’s history and culture, this building – now a museum – is a beauty to behold
  • Lake Baikal – The world’s deepest lake is an awe-inspiring encounter
  • Volgograd – This historic city was the site of a WWII battle
  • Go skiing at Krasnaya Polyana, Kamchatka Peninsula, and Sochi, these are popular destinations for skiers and snowboarders

Looking for a place to stay in when in the country should present no hassle as there are hordes of cheap and luxury hotels, scattered across several cities, to choose from. If travelling during winter, pack some clothing to cover your hands, neck, feet, and head to keep warm. For extra warmth, you can get fur, which is very common among Russians, at affordable prices. If you plan on visiting during summer, then jeans and comfortable walking shoes should be your pick.


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