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Facts about Papua-new-guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the untapped tourist destinations in the world. The country offers various exciting activities for anyone who dares to visit. Visitors in the country can enjoy partaking in activities such as surfing, diving, hiking and fishing in various destinations. You can take daring dives at Kimbe Bay, Kavieng, Madang or Alotau, enjoy surfing through the waves in places such as Hula Beach, Milne Bay, Bougainville, and East New Britain or trek through the Kokoda Track.
Tourism in Papua New Guinea is a fledgling industry with a very strong potential due to the abundance of activities to do in the country. Approximately 184,000 foreign visitors visit Papua New Guinea yearly.
Foreigners are prohibited from taking fruits, vegetables and animal products with them into Papua New Guinea. If anyone is found in homosexual acts, such a person could be imprisoned for up to 14 years. Stay away from marijuana and other narcotics, if you are found in possession or using these drugs, you will be imprisoned for a long period of time.

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