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Nicaragua gained her independence from Spain in 1821. The country covers an area of 130,967 sq. km and has three geographical regions 
Spanish is the official language of the country. English is also a recognized language in Nicaragua. There are other languages spoken in the country like Miskito, Rama, Sumo, Miskito Coastal Creole, Rama Cay Creole, Garifuna etc.
The country has a great biodiversity as it is a home to various species of plants and animals. There are about 705 species of birds, 640 fish species, 183 mammalian species, 248 reptile and amphibian species, and over 5,700 plant species.
Agriculture makes up about 60% of the country’s export. Coffee is one of the most important exports as it is grown in many parts of the country. Nicaragua is considered a poor country because more than half of the population live below $2 daily.

Tourism is the second largest industry in the country as the country records about 1.2 million visits yearly. There are really nice places to have a great time in the country some of which are;
  • Pearl Lagoon: Very few tourists comes to this lagoon thereby leaving enough space for those that visit to relax and enjoy the pristine beaches.
  • Little Corn Island: This is on the Caribbean Lowlands. It is a good spot for snorkelers and divers. It is a great place to enjoy your holiday.
  • Las Penitas: This is a fishing town that has a great spot for surfing and surfing lessons are cheap here.
There is religious freedom in the country but majority of the population are Roman Catholics although Protestantism has been growing rapidly in Nicaragua. There is also strong Anglican and Moravian communities in the country. Buddhism is also increasing because of immigration.

Transportation in the country revolves around road, air, and water transport systems. The country has a good road network and thus, cars and public buses operate on the roads. There are about 147 airports in the country serving both national and international flights. There are sea ports and harbors that offer water transportation.
The weather in Nicaragua is generally subtropical. It is not too humid. The country has two seasons which are rainy season which lasts from May through to November and dry season which is from December to Mid-May. The best time to visit the country is in December, January, July and August.

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