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Facts about Macedonia

The Glittering Lake Ohrid is the go-to place for tourists visiting North Macedonia but there are untapped tourist attractions  across the country. North Macedonia has an abundance of natural and cultural attractions. There are 3 national parks and 33 national reserves in North Macedonia, all of which have various attractions and activities for tourists to take part in during their time in the country. There are also festivals at different periods throughout the year that tourists can attend and unwind.
The number of tourist visits to North Macedonia for the last decade has been increasing year after year. This is a testament to the numerous places of interest in the country and the country being discovered as a top site for tourism. In 2017, over 990,000 foreigners from various countries – the most being Turkish – visited North Macedonia.
Travelers going in and out of North Macedonia are not allowed to have more than €10,000 or its equivalent.

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