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Liberia has its capital in Monrovia, which is also the largest city in the country. The December to July dry season is the most popular time to visit. During the rains, which usually begin in May or June and end in October, there are spectacular storms and good waves for surfers. Liberia is humid most of the year with annual rainfall heavy in Monrovia and along the coast. Temperatures range from 23°C to 32°C in Monrovia, and is slightly warmer inland. The Liberian Dollar is the official currency of the country.

Liberia was the first African republic to proclaim its independence, and is Africa's first and oldest modern republic. The official language of Liberia is English, but more than 16 indigenous languages are also being spoken. The diverse tribal ethnic groups making up the population of Liberia today, have all added to the richness of cultural life in the country.

In Liberia, dance is a valued heritage and is part of the West African music heritage. Liberia is known for its detailed, decorative and ornate masks which are heavily influenced by ancient history, folklore, proverbs, spirituality and rural life. Liberia’sstaple cuisine is rice and heavy stews spiced with ‘habanero’ and scotch bonnet chillies.

Liberia has many modes of transportation one can use to get around.There are commercial airports, and taxi services across the country and you can also hire self-drive or chauffered cars. Liberia is safe for foreigners visit as the country is well secured by troops from and police advisord from The United Nations.

Christmas and Id-ul-Fitr are the two most important festivals in Liberia which are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Independence Day falls annually on July 26, which is a national holiday and Thanksgiving is celebrated every 4th of November to honour the freed slaves from United States southern states.

The are wonderful surfing beaches near Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County. Some surfers prefer to ride the waves during the quieter weekdays, while others like showboating to the crowds during weekends. The journey to Sapo National Park takes over 11 hours from Monrovia, but it's worth it because it has the highest concentration of mammals on Earth. Monrovia is where most urban attractions mix together: ruined buildings from a dozen different eras mixed with sushi bars, a national museum, Waterside cloth market, the Freemasons Temple and packed new supermarkets. The mountain trail of Mount Woligizi leads past waterfalls and a series of slopy hills to the top, from which three countries can be seen (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea).

When traveling to Liberia, one should wear lightweight and breathable clothing to keep cool in the warm climate. There are exotic hotel resorts that offers affordable luxurious accommodation to guests. There also standard hotels in Monrovia that offer safe and secure hospitality.

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