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How safe is Lesotho for tourists ?

Lesotho is generally safe to visit but it has its fair share of petty and violent crimes.

What is Lesotho's climate like ?

Lesotho has a temperate climate characterized by typically hot summers and cold winters.

What is Lesotho's cuisine like ?

Lesotho’s cuisine is rich with seafood, vegetables, grains, tubers, etc.

Best time to visit Lesotho ?

The best time to visit Lesotho is between October and November and between March and April when the weathers are not so extreme.

What to wear in Lesotho ?

Depending on when one visits, warm, light, comfortable and functional items of clothing would work when visiting Lesotho.

How do I start the propcess4 ?

Can i go to Lesotho no visa ?

Where do I get e-visa to lesotho ?

How do I start the process? ?

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Visa from Nigeria to Lesotho
Visa from Nigeria to Lesotho

Visa from Nigeria to Lesotho

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Nigerians looking to visit Lesotho for no longer than 14 days can do so on an e-visa. Intending visitors must carry a valid passport. Passports are expected to be valid for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay. Passports must carry blank pages for entry and exit stamps. Visitors must have enough money to cover their expenses during their visit. Visitors must also have an onward/return ticket or any other documents necessary for their next destination. There are no restrictions on the import of local currency and foreign currencies. Visitors must have proof of yellow fever vaccination.