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Facts about Latvia

Latvia is a small country which offers tourists a taste of nature at its very best. Tourists in the country are usually spoilt for choice with the plethora of attractions available in the country. The country offers tourists the opportunity to dream away on its white sand beaches or cycle through one of the many nature trails or having a relaxing time at one of the nature parks. Every moment is sure going to be a moment to cherish.
Tourist visits to Latvia are gradually increasing as more and more tourists get to discover the spectacular attractions on offer in the country. In the first three months of 2017, over 2.6 million foreign tourists visited the country which is a 7% increase in the number that visited the country during the same period the previous year. The majority of tourists who visited the country during this period were Russians followed by Estonians.
Foreigners traveling to Latvia will be refused entry into the country if they are found to be in possession of more than €10,000 or its equivalent in any currency. Anyone caught driving under the influence of alcohol will be jailed immediately. 

Basic Travel Requirements for Nigerians visiting Latvia

  • Fully completed and signed visa application form
  • Two recently taken photos. Both photos must be taken within the last three months and must follow all visa photo requirements.
  • A valid passport which is not older than 10 years. It should be valid for at least three more months beyond the date you plan to leave Latvia.
  • A round trip reservation or itinerary. This must include dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Latvia.
  • A travel insurance policy. A document that proves you have travel health insurance for the whole Schengen territory, with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros in case of any medical emergency as illnesses, accidents and even repatriation in case of death.
  • Proof of accommodation. A document that shows where you will be accommodated throughout your stay in Latvia.
  • Proof of financial means. Evidence that you have enough money to support yourself financially throughout your stay in the country. This can be one of the following:
      • Bank account statement – that shows you have enough money in your account for the trip. The statement shall be no older than 3 months.
      • Sponsorship Letter – by another person that confirms they will be financially supporting your trip to Latvia. In order for this letter to be valid, it must be accompanied by a bank statement of the sponsor, no older than three months.
  • Proof of paid visa fee.  €60 for adults and €35 for children from 6 to 12 years old.

Types of Latvia Visa

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Tourist Visa 10 -15 days 90 days
Business Visa 10 -15 days 90 days
Student Visa 10 -15 days 1 year
Work Visa 10 -15 days 1 year

Places in Visas of Latvia Fees

Visa Type Sub Type Visa Fees
Tourist Visa Not available
Business Visa Not available
Student Visa Not available
Work Visa Not available

FAQs about Places in Visas of Latvia

What currency is used in Latvia ?

The official currency of Latvia is the euro. A two-week transition period during which the former currency (lats) was in circulation alongside the euro ended on 14 January 2014.

Is Latvia expensive to visit ?

Latvia is cheap, compared to Scandinavia and Western Europe. Food, hotel, and transportation are very affordable, and since Riga is fairly small, you can see all the major sights on foot.

Is there a Latvian embassy in Nigeria ?

No, Latvia does not currently maintain an embassy in Nigeria. But the Swedish embassy in Abuja represents Slovakia and Latvia.

How safe is Latvia to travel to ?

Latvia is safe. Much like every other place, just a little caution and you will be fine.

Can I easily get a job in Latvia ?

Yes. With the right visa and permit, you can easily get a job in Latvia.

A friend told me the only way to get a Latvia study visa from Nigeria is through Egypt, India and Turkey. Please could you confirm this? Thank you. ?

I need a Latvia visa but I don't know how to go about it, could you assist me ?

I need a work visa for Latvia what can I do pls ?

Am chatting from Nigeria Latvia currently issuing visa for now? ?

Nigeria passport to Latvia what can I contact to assist with visa process ?

5 Visas of Latvia found

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Latvia
Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Latvia

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Latvia

Visas of Latvia, Visa, Tourist visa



If you are planning to go on a visit to Latvia, you need a tourist visa. The tourist visa applicant must download and fill the visa application form completely. It is advised that for your own good you fill the application form with all honesty. One of the common reasons visas gets denied is because of discordant information. Write your name as indicated on your passport and do not add words like “married name” and “nee”. Your passport and copies of your previous visas – valid for at least 3 months beyond return date – are required. Your passport must have at least two blank pages. A cover letter stating the purpose of visit to Latvia and itinerary should be submitted. A copy of your return-ticket reservation with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Latvia is required. It is not recommended to purchase the ticket before obtaining the visa – if not otherwise required. Applicants must also show proof of accommodation for the whole duration of their intended stay in Latvia. If married, a copy of the marriage certificate should be submitted. The Latvia tourist visa is valid for only 90 days. You are advised to exit the country before your visa expires. Retired persons are required to submit their p ension statement of the latest 6 months .

Business Visa from Nigeria to Latvia
Business Visa from Nigeria to Latvia

Business Visa from Nigeria to Latvia

Visas of Latvia, Visa, Business visa



The Latvian business visa is for travelers intending to visit the country for business. Business visa is usually valid for stays no more than 90 days. If you will be traveling a lot and not only in one Schengen country it’s recommendable to fill in the “multiple entry” gap in the application form. This way you will be able to enter and leave Schengen Zone as you please for the amount of time allowed on your visa issued. You will need to provide an invitation letter from the Latvia company you will be visiting. This letter will also contain their detailed address, accompanied with the date and actual purpose of your trip. If the intention is to attend a meeting or seminar, confirmation/invitation from the conference organizer/institution is required. If you are employed, you will have to present a certificate from your employer stating or allowing your business travel. While attending the interview, take all of the required documents for business visa with you. Your bank statement from the last 6 months is needed. Self-employed people will submit proof of business registration. The earliest time to apply for a Business visa is three months before your planned trip and the latest is at most 15 working days before your intend to travel to Europe for business purposes. You cannot be gainfully employed while you are in the country with this visa. It must be made clear whether your trip will be sponsored by the employer or the local company

Student Visa from Nigeria to Latvia
Student Visa from Nigeria to Latvia

Student Visa from Nigeria to Latvia

Visas of Latvia, Visa, Student visa



An international student who wants to pursue an educational course in Latvia will have to obtain a student visa. To be eligible for a Latvian student visa, you must provide proof of being enrolled as a full-time student in one of Latvia’s institutions for higher education. You must also provide proof of full payment of tuition fee for the course. Your medical insurance must cover the total number of days you will be staying in Latvia as a student. The insurance must be valid for all Schengen countries for a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000. Student visa applicants must appear for a Residence Permit interview at the embassy. A residence permit is initially issued for one year and should be renewed annually. After five years of legal residence it is possible to apply for permanent residency. After ten years of legal residence it is possible to apply for Latvian citizenship (EU citizenship). Under normal conditions, your student visa will only take 7 days to process. But this is not certain and sometimes processing could take up to a month. A single mistake can cause your visa rejection. Applicants are advised to fill all forms carefully. Applicants must also show proof of accommodation for the whole duration of their intended stay in the country. Upon entering Latvia, students are required to apply for a residence permit at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia (OCMA). Applicants may be required to sit for an interview before residence permit is issued.

Work Visa from Nigeria to Latvia
Work Visa from Nigeria to Latvia

Work Visa from Nigeria to Latvia

Work visa, Visas of Latvia, Visa



If you’re planning on taking a job in Latvia, you need to get a work permit first. As many other fast-growing economies, Latvia boasts diverse top sectors, with many work opportunities for expats falling in the category of international industries related to exports.   If foreign nationals wish to reside in Latvia for more than 90 days within a 6-month period, they must obtain a visa or residence permit. The applicant must provide the original employment contract in his/her application. The employment contract must be from a Latvian registered business. The employment contract my have a ‘residential permit’ included. If you are an entrepreneur wishing to open a business in Latvia or are a businessman/woman intending to manage a Latvian business you are legally required to obtain a Latvia Residence Permit. Holding a residence permit gives an applicant the right to reside and seek employment in Latvia. A medical certificate stating good health of applicant will also be submitted. Applicants are also required to submit relevant marriage and birth certificates of spouse and dependants traveling with them. A work permit is not necessary if the traveler is coming to Latvia on the basis of an invitation from an educational or scientific institution, or if he/she is an individual scientist coming to Latvia in relation to scientific research or participation in the implementation of an educational programme and the intended length of stay in the Republic of Latvia does not exceed 14 days. A residence permit will allow a foreign national to stay in Latvia temporarily or permanently for periods exceeding 90 days in a six-month period.