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Facts about Kazakhstan

The Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center in the country’s capital is a wonder to the citizens of Kazakhstan and the world as a whole. The building claims to have the world’s biggest tent. The building has an indoor beach resort, boating river, shopping mall, and a concert hall. The surrounding temperature in the building is controlled. Other attractive tourists’ sites to visit include the singing dunes in Emel national park, Aral sea, the ski resort of Shymbulak just to mention a few.

Kazakhstan is emerging as a new site for tourists around the world. Most people that visit the country pick Astana as their top destination. The number of tourists visits in the country has grown by a massive 21 percent. About 3.6 million tourists picked Kazakhstan as their destination in the year 2018.

Tourists need a special permit to go to areas close to the Chinese border and only tour firms can convey you to these areas. Staying past the duration of your visa attracts a fine of $5000 or a prison sentence of 20 days.

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