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Facts about Israel

Tourists who visit Israel confess to the feeling terrible about leaving the country, this is a testament to the fun time they have during their time in Israel. The historical and religious sites in the country are top attractions for tourists who visit the country. Other top attractions in the country are the beach resorts, hiking trails, national parks, and nature reserves. With the plethora of attractions available in the country, tourists are assured of having an exciting time all through their stay. Birders and ornithologists usually take joy in the annual migrations that funnel through Eilat and the Hula Valley as Israel is among the world’s leading destinations for birdwatching.
The tourism industry is one of the most important industries in Israel. Tourists have been discouraged by the security problems that would not just go away but the number of tourist visits to the country has picked up recently. In 2017, 3.6 million tourists visited Israel, which was a 25% increase from the number of tourists in the country the previous year. The tourism industry contributed NIS20 billion to the Israeli economy during this period.
During your time in Israel, avoid taking photos of people in Muslim and Orthodox Jewish areas. Crimes which involve smuggling and trafficking of illegal drugs can lead to you being sentenced to prison for a long period of time.

Basic Travel Requirements for Nigerians visiting Israel

  • Travel passport must have at least 3 consecutive blank pages and a validity period of at least ten (10) months at the date of visa application.
  • Non-refundable visa application fee of $169.
  • Two clear colored passport-sized photographs. (5cm x 5cm on white background)
  • Evidence of employment or business activity e.g., employment letter, certificate of business incorporation/ registration
  • Statement of account for six months (corporate accounts) plus six months for personal accounts.
  • Hotel reservation and flight tickets.

Types of Israel Visa

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Tourist Visa 7 - 14 days 90 days
Student Visa 7 - 14 days 1 year
Work Visa 7 - 14 days Variable

Places in Visas of Israel Fees

Visa Type Sub Type Visa Fees
Tourist Visa Not available
Student Visa Not available
Work Visa Not available

FAQs about Places in Visas of Israel

What is the most expensive city in Israel ?

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are definitely the most expensive cities in Israel. The good news is that if you're visiting any of them on a budget, you can save on many things and still enjoy the city.

Is it safe to travel to Jerusalem ?

Terrorist attacks are an unfortunate part of life in Israel, and tourists occasionally have been caught in the middle. You can minimize safety risks by avoiding large crowds, particularly people demonstrating or protesting. Clashes in the Old City of Jerusalem are common, particularly on Fridays after prayers.

Is Israel a Schengen country ?

No. The 26 Schengen countries are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

What do I need to work in Israel ?

To enter Israel for work, you must have a work permit and a work visa.

Is it easy for Israeli companies to hire foreigners ?

There are no restrictions on how many foreigners a company may hire, but there are many qualified Israelis competing for jobs. Despite Israeli companies' tendency to hire Israelis, it is, however, possible for foreigners to find a job in Israel.

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5 Visas of Israel found

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Israel
Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Israel

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Israel

Visas of Israel, Visa, Tourist visa



The visitor visa is issued to people who wish to visit Israel for tourism and vacation purposes. Those who wish to visit friends and family members residing in Israel will also need the visitor visa. The Israeli visitor visa is also called B/2 visa. Those intending to attend a business meeting or study in a Hebrew ulpan may also be issued this visa. This visa does not allow a visitor to undertake paid activities while in Israel. Someone going to Israel to seek for employment will need a work visa instead. The B/2 visa is valid for up to three months from the date of issue. The duration of the stay in Israel will be determined by the Border Police. A visitor who wishes to extend his visit may submit an application at one of the regional population administration offices of the Ministry of the Interior. Visa applicants must prove they have sufficient funds to last them the duration of their stay in Israel. This is usually done by submitting a bank statement. Personal account holders will submit only six months statements. Corporate account holders must show proof of ownership of the business and be signatories to this account.  All applications must be submitted by each applicant in person. Visa processing usually takes 14 working days.   Applicants travelling with their children under 18 years of age must show birth certificates endorsed by the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria.

Student Visa from Nigeria to Israel
Student Visa from Nigeria to Israel

Student Visa from Nigeria to Israel

Visas of Israel, Visa, Student visa



This visa is issued to those who want to study in Israel’s elementary and high schools. Those who want to attend universities in Israel, yeshivot and youth institutions of the Jewish Agency will also need this visa. Israel’s student visa is a multiple entry visa. The visa is valid for up to one year. Recipients of this visa are not permitted to work in Israel. A minor will not be given this visa without the written consent of both parents or his legal guardian. Applicants must prove that they have the financial means to pay for their studies and sustenance throughout their stay in Israel. An additional processing fee of $25 may apply to this visa. Applicants are required to present alongside their visa application, a certification of acceptance for study at a recognized educational institution in Israel. Applicants are advised to apply for their visa in person. Applications sent via mail will be rejected. For security purposes, applicants are prohibited from bringing along personal objects to the embassy. These include handbags, mobile phones and other electronic devices. Food and/or beverage bottles or containers are also not allowed.

Work Visa from Nigeria to Israel
Work Visa from Nigeria to Israel

Work Visa from Nigeria to Israel

Work visa, Visas of Israel, Visa



Non-nationals seeking to work in Israel will need a work visa. The visa is approved for a limited period of time just for the purpose of work. This visa is given to experts and artists, among others, and is granted solely with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior. A processing fee is paid by the applicant when the application is submitted to one of the population administration offices of the Ministry of the Interior. Upon receipt of approval from the Ministry of the Interior, the mission will issue the B/1 Work visa after interviewing the applicant. The visa applicants must prove they are of good conduct. A certification of medical examinations performed in clinics or hospitals recognized by the mission is also needed. The applicant must show normal results in tests for tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS before visa is approved. The validity of the B/1 Work visa will be in accordance with Ministry of Interior guidelines.  All visa Applicants must appear in person for an interview. Passports without a minimum of ten months validity will not be accepted. Please make sure you have all the necessary documents before visiting the Embassy.