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Facts about Iraq

Iraq is the Arab tourism capital and the second-largest city in the Arab world after Cairo. The country has several pilgrimage sites which makes it a popular religious tourism site. Asides being a top destination for pilgrims, the country has four world heritage sites and the Iraqi Plastic Artists Society where numerous traditional artworks are displayed.
Despite the activities of ISIS in Iraq, the country is still a top site for pilgrims. Over 890,000 tourists visit Iraq yearly with a large number of them being pilgrims.
Foreigners are expected to obey Islamic laws while in the country and avoid trying to preach your beliefs to Iraqis.  You are not allowed to be in possession of more than $10,000 or its equivalent upon entry to Iraq.

Basic Travel Requirements for Nigerians visiting Iraq

  • A Nigerian passport valid for at least 6 months from the intended arrival date and must have 2 blank pages for visa stamp.
  • Duly completed and signed visa application form.
  • If the applicant is a minor, the parents/legal guardians have to sign the form.
  • Passport-size photographs (3.5×4.5 cm in dimension) taken in white background.
  • Travel document.
  • Proof of financial support.
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Copy of return flight ticket
  • Documentation showing applicant’s ties to home country, e.g. verification from applicant’s employer.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Documentation confirming the purpose of travel.

Types of Iraq Visa

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Tourist Visa 20 working days 90 days
Business Visa 20 working days 180 months

Places in Visas of Iraq Fees

Visa Type Sub Type Visa Fees
Tourist Visa Not available
Business Visa Not available

FAQs about Places in Visas of Iraq

What is the currency used in Iraq ?

The currency used in Iraq is the Iraqi dinar. The currency code for dinars is IQD, and the currency symbol is د.ع.

Is Iraq close to Iran ?

The distance from Iraq to Iran is just 941 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 585 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Iraq to Iran, it takes about 1.04 hours to arrive.

Is Iraq a rich country ?

Iraq is one of the most oil-rich countries in the world. Despite this Middle Eastern country’s wealth in oil production and exportation, this affluence has not translated to many Iraqi citizens.

What is the capital of Iraq ?

Baghdad is the capital of Iraq and also its largest city.

Is it safe to travel to Iraq ?

Travelling to Iraq poses an extreme risk of terrorism and kidnapping.

How can travel to Iraq country ?

I don't have current account can I still apply for the Iraq visa? ?

I am doing a UN documentary job in Iraq and would like to apply for Visa ?

3 Visas of Iraq found

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Iraq
Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Iraq

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Iraq

Visas of Iraq, Visa, Tourist visa



A tourist visa is required to travel to Iraq for sightseeing or visit.  All visitors to Iraq must carry a valid passport.  Visa applicants intending to visit a friend or family need to submit an invitation letter from a family member or host living in Iraq. This letter should clearly state the address and contact details of the host, as well as your relationship with them.  During the visa application, you will need to provide proof of sufficient funds to last the duration of your stay. You are advised to exit the country before your visa expires and present documents that show you have the intention to do so. This visa does not serve study purposes. You cannot be enrolled in any of the institutions of learning in the country. Tourist travelers need to be reminded that some regions are dangerous, such as Mosul, and should be avoided. There are no visa exemptions for Iraq, but 8 nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival at Al Najaf International Airport. Nigeria is not among them. It is a well-known fact that most tourists travel to Iraq to visit Kurdistan, which is why the region is visa-free for some nationalities. You are required to appear in person at the embassy for your visa application. Iraqi authorities issue Weapon Authority Cards (WAC) to travelers traveling t o the country with weapons.

Business Visa from Nigeria to Iraq
Business Visa from Nigeria to Iraq

Business Visa from Nigeria to Iraq

Visas of Iraq, Visa, Business visa



Nigerians traveling to Iraq for business will require a business visa. You will need to provide an invitation letter from the Iraqi company you will be visiting. This letter will also contain their detailed address, accompanied with the date and actual purpose of your trip. If the intention is to attend a meeting or seminar, confirmation/invitation from the conference organizer/institution is required. Pre-registration is recommended for business travelers who will be attending conferences in the country. Proof of this registration is required. If you are employed, you will have to present a certificate from your employer stating or allowing your business travel. Proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of stay (e.g. bank statement for 3 recent months) is required. Self-employed people may need to submit proof of business registration. You cannot be gainfully employed while you are in the country with this visa. It must be made clear whether your trip will be sponsored by the employer or the local company. Proof of payment of visa application fee should be submitted . If you intend to stay longer than your visa duration, you must apply for an extension. If you remain in the country for more than 10 days without extending your visa, you’ll need to get an exit stamp to leave the country. All visitors to Iraq, with the exception of those travelling on a tourist visa, must have a blood test for HIV and hepatitis within 10 days of arrival. The test must then be repeated every 90 days while you’re in Iraq. Guidance on where to go for the blood test is available at the airport when you arrive.