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Gibraltar is one of the 14 overseas territories of Britain that are remnants of former British colonies and are not officially a part of the UK. Gibraltar is a peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea with an area of just 2.6 square miles (6.8 sq. km). 

Gibraltar is a self-governing territory of the United Kingdom and as such its citizens are considered British citizens. Queen Elizabeth II is the chief of state of Gibraltar, but it has its own chief minister as head of government.

Despite its small size, Gibraltar has a strong, independent economy that is based mainly on finance, shipping and trading, offshore banking and tourism. Ship repair and tobacco are also major industries in Gibraltar but there is no agriculture.

The country's main settlements are on either the east or west side of the Rock of Gibraltar. The East Side is home to Sandy Bay and Catalan Bay, while the western area is home to Westside, where most of the population lives. 

Gibraltar has very few natural resources and little freshwater. As such, seawater desalination is one way its citizens get their water.

It has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. The average July high temperature for the area is 81˚F (27˚C) and the average January low temperature is 50˚F (10˚C). 

The best time to visit Gibraltar is around the Autumn (during August & September). Also, in Spring, middle of March to end of May, Gibraltar has the most ideal climate during this period. In 2017, about 10.5 million tourists visited Gibraltar.

The ethnic origins of most Gibraltarians are a mix of Andalusian Spaniards, Genoese, Maltese, Portuguese and British.The main religion is Christianity, the majority group being the Roman Catholic Church.  

Calentita is the most common dish in the country. This is a baked pancake-like dish, it is made with chickpea flour, water, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Its official language is English. Most locals are bilingual, also speaking Spanish, because of Gibraltar's proximity to Spain. Most Gibraltarians converse in Llanito, their vernacular . However, because of the various ethnic groups which reside there, other languages such as Moroccan Berber, Moroccan Arabic and Hindi are also spoken on The Rock. 

Getting around in Gibraltar is fairly easy due to the compact size of the country and as a result has a limited public transport system. There are private cars, taxis, buses, cable cars, trains, and airplanes. Always wear comfortable shoes because of the rocky paths.

Gibraltar’s biggest festival of the year is its annual National Day, held each September 10 to commemorate the first sovereign referendum. The country’s holidays are family friendly and a great way for visitors to get insight into the culture. Other festivals include;
  • Three Kings Cavalcade: Gibraltar’s first major festival of the year takes place on the day before Epiphany, when people in costumes toss sweets to the townsfolk. 
  • Gibraltar Chess Festival: Each year between January and February, the four-star Caleta Hotel hosts one of the world’s most prestigious chess tournaments. Nearly 60 Grand Masters participate in the Gibraltar Chess Festival.
  • Gibraltar International Boat Show: Although luxury yachts are the star of this April event, automobiles, fashion, dance, and music are also main attractions. Gibraltar’s police and navy display their latest vessels, while the water zone at the Ocean Village Marina offers dolphin watching tours, canoe racing, and scuba diving lessons.
  • Gibraltar National Day: The most important festival in which residents dress in white and red, the colors of their flag, and join a lively street fest on the Naval Grounds. A food fair showcasing some of Gibraltar’s tastiest dishes takes place at the John Mackintosh Square.
  • Gibraltar Song Festival: The most talented local musicians get the opportunity to share the stage with some of the world’s most famous musical acts at the annual Gibraltar Song Festival. This is an early September event.
  • Polar Bear Swim: This Boxing Day event in which dozens of brave (or crazy) people take the plunge during the city’s annual Polar Bear Swim.

The best time to visit Gibraltar is around the Autumn (during August & September). Another great time to visit Gibraltar is Spring, middle of March to end of May. Gibraltar has the most ideal climate during this period.

There are a variety of hotels and apartments to lodge when in the country.

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