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The Gabonese Republic is indeed a rare gem amongst its equatorial neighbours in West-Central Africa for the peace and stability it enjoys. It is the most progressive and tourism friendly nation in the area. It's capital city and only real city to speak of is Libreville which means "Freetown" in French. 

Gabon is popularly called "The Last Eden" seeing as it is a paradise of dense jungle, raging rivers, white, sandy beaches, and pristine landscapes. Most of Gabon's health care is public and free but there are private institutions available too.

The country has a tropical climate making it moist and hot. The hottest month is January. From June to September, there is virtually no rain but there is humidity. December and January experience occasional rainfall and during the remaining months, the country experiences heavy rainfall.

The Gabonese are originally of Bantu origin. Gabon has at least 40 ethnic groups each with its own separate language and traditions. The Fang people are the biggest ethnic group making up about 34% of the country. Other ethnic groups are the Nzebi, Myene, Bandjabi, Eshira, etc. The official language in Gabon is French while the most popular indigenous language is Fang. 88% of Gabon practices Christianity and 6% Islamic religion.

Staple foods in Gabon are cassava, rice, yams, meats such as chicken, and bush meats such as wild boar, antelope, and monkey meat.

Some interesting tourist locations in Gabon are:
  • Libreville: Libreville is Gabon's only real city to speak of and perhaps this is not a bad thing as a lot of resources have gone into building this city. The infrastructure is great, the streets are clean, it features excellent restaurants and French wine, and exciting markets! Gabon's National Museum, the Presidential Palace and the Musee des Arts et Traditions du Gabon are must sees in this city.
  • Loango National Park: This is certainly Gabon's crown jewel amongst its other national parks. The park is one of the last places on earth where animals have access to the sea. It boasts one of Africa's best safari experiences with forest, lagoons, savannas. In some circles, this park is considered to be the best safari destination on earth.
  • Ivindo National Park: This is the most remote of Gabon's national parks and one of the most important. The river is the main attraction here, running through the rain forest and creating amazing waterfalls. The park features more than 430 bird species, gorillas, bush pigs and so many more animals.
  • Makokou and Kongou Falls: The Kongou falls is Gabon's own version of the Niagra falls in Makokou, the capital of the Ogooue-Ivindo region. It is a splendid sight and is of great spiritual importance to the locals in the village of Makokou.

In Gabon, children born within a marriage are considered the children of the man. Women are therefore expected have children before marriage so that should their marriage dissolve, they’d have children of their own.
Hotels in Gabon range from budget to luxury.

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