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Faroe Islands

The capital of the Faroe Islands is Tórshavn and although the weather in the Faroe Island is mostly high in humidity, windy and cold year round the best time to visit or travel is from May to September.

The culture in Faroe is deeply rooted with the Nordic culture and have also greatly maintained their traditional culture due to their isolation from the cultural movements that occurred in parts of Europe.

The language spoken in Faroe Island is Faroese and the tribes in the Faroe Islands consists of the Gaelic and the Norse.

The traditional cuisine in Faroe Islands consists mainly of seafood, whale meat, blubber, skerpikjøt which is a type of dried mutton, garnatálg, Faroese puffins, potatoes and other fresh vegetables.

The best way to get around the Faroe Islands is by bus which is cheap and stress free, also there are other great ways of getting around like car rentals for visitors, ferries and helicopters. The Faroe Islands has barely any crime and this makes it one of the safest place on earth, the health precautions in the Faroe Islands is also very minimal and eating traditional Faroe means are also very safe.

Religion in the Faroe island is split between the majority Lutheran Church of the Faroe Islands, Catholics, Open brethren also known as Christian brethren and the minority Jehovah's witness but it is basically made up of Christians.

Despite the small size of the population in the Faroe Islands there is surprisingly high quality music life and numerous festivals year around. Some of these festivals and events include the G! Festival which occurs Mid July it is an internationally oriented festival that gives upcoming Faroese bands an opportunity to meet the world press on Five differently set stages and it is a mixture of international music festival and good old-fashioned Faroese village life, the summer festival which is evidently the Islands largest music and family festival as it has funfairs and clowns and other activities for children it is held in Klaksvík the second largest town on the Island, another festival to lookout for would be the SUMMARTÓNAR which is daily concerts held by Faroese and international musician all through the summer months and it is organized to act as a platform for new contemporary and classic works, and many other festivals and events held throughout the year in the Faroe Islands that will keep you entertained and enjoy your stay in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands is known for its beautiful landscapes and scenery and is the best spot for photographers and tourist but there are places with the most visited areas and these include:

  •  VÁGAR – This is home to the main airport in the Faroe Islands, it is home to beautiful waterfalls and lakes that very photographer would look forward to capturing.
  • GÁSADALUR AND MÚLAFOSSUR WATERFALL – this waterfall leads directly to the ocean and is a rare sight as it sits on the edge of Mykinesfjørður and offers a complete view of Mykines across the water. It has a beautiful tunnel built through the mountain to connect the residents to the rest of the Island that was built in 2004.
  • TINDHÓLMUR AND DRANGARNIR – Although very foggy and uninhabited these islets are a rare sight, TINDHÓLMUR sits within Vágar and can be found on the southern side of Sørvágsfjørður. It has five noticeable peaks namely: Ytsti, Arni, Lítli, Breiði, and Bogdi. While DRANGARNIR a pair of sea stacks that can be found right beside Tindhólmur and has two cliffs individually called Stóri Drangur meaning large cliff and Lítli Drangur meaning small cliff.
  • SØRVÁGSVATN / LEITISVATN (TRÆLANÍPA CLIFF) – It is also located on Vágar and it has a view that creates an optical illusion as you can see the ocean and also the lake Sørvágsvatn which is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands from the cliff called TRÆLANÍPA, it is also known for its great hiking spots which has also been one of its major attractions.
  • STREYMOY – This is the main Island in the Faroe Islands and is also home to the capital city Tórshavn. It is also known as one of the most beautiful Island in the North Atlantic as it offers magnificent landscapes and scenery for photographers and tourist alike. The Faroe island is one of the safest places to visit so much so that they do not even have a single prison on the whole island and any prisoner would be sent to Denmark to be detained and it is also home to one of the oldest parliament in the world. Another fascinating thing about this wonderful country is that it is treeless and is ever so close to the ocean.

There are over 500 hotels and accommodations available in Faroe Islands.

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