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Do Nigerians need a visa to travel to Ethiopia ?

Citizens of Nigeria who intend to visit and stay in Ethiopia for no more than 30 days may not need a visa to travel to Ethiopia. Nevertheless, a passport valid for 6 months beyond the date of exit from Ethiopia will be required.

Is there any vaccination required to enter Ethiopia ?

Yes. Travellers are required to have a certificate of yellow fever vaccination before entry into Ethiopia. It is recommended that they get vaccinated 10 days before travelling.

Is Ethiopia safe for tourists ?

Violent crime in Ethiopia is fortunately rare, particularly where visitors are concerned. However, petty theft is very common. Ethiopia is very safe compared to many other African countries.

Can a pregnant woman travel to Ethiopia ?

Pregnant women can generally travel safely to Ethiopia with little preparation. But they are advised to avoid some destinations, especially those with a high risk of malaria.

How much is a hotel accommodation in etiopia? ?

Do I need visa to Ethiopia, from Nigeria ?

Is visa on arrival valid for Nigerian citizen visiting Ethiopia? ?

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