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Facts about Eritrea

Eritrea is home to a large number of wildlife and the regulations enforced by the Eritrean government has helped to steadily increase the number of wildlife animals. There are various species of mammals and 560 species of birds. While in the country you can see wonderful animals like the Abyssinia hare, African wild cat, Black-backed jackal, African golden wolf, Lions, African bush elephants and a host of others. Other attractions in Eritrea include Tank Graveyard, Opera house, Imperial Palace, etc. Tourists are sure to enjoy their time in the country.
Tourism in Eritrea is not as dominant as it used to be in the previous century. Although, the government is putting in a very big effort to develop the country’s tourism and make it better than what it was.
Visitors are not allowed to take photographs of military and government buildings. If you want to exchange money, it should be done at a state foreign currency exchange Himbol branch, it is illegal to do it anywhere else. All foreign currencies in excess of $10,000 should be declared on entry into Eritrea.

Basic Travel Requirements for Nigerians visiting Eritrea

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months after return date.
  • A duly completed visa application form.
  • One recent passport photograph taken in a white background.
  • Hotel reservation for the whole duration of the intended stay.
  • Bank statement spanning 3 months prior to the period of application. The bank statement should show proof of available funds to cover travel expenses.
  • Valid travel insurance.
  • A detailed travel itinerary.
  • Return or onward ticket.

Types of Eritrea Visa

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Tourist Visa 6 business days 90 days
Business Visa 6 business days 90 days

Places in Visas of Eritrea Fees

Visa Type Sub Type Visa Fees
Tourist Visa Not available
Business Visa Not available

FAQs about Places in Visas of Eritrea

Is it safe to go to Eritrea? ?

Eritrea is generally safe and you can walk about at night and anywhere in the cities and not worry about crime. There are sometimes children that aggressively beg but usually leave you alone if you are stern with them.

What currency is used in Eritrea? ?

The currency in use in Eritrea is the Eritrean nakfa.

Is there an Eritrean embassy in Nigeria? ?

Yes. Eritrea maintains an embassy in Abuja, Nigeria.

Where is Eritrea located in Africa? ?

Eritrea is located in the Horn of Africa in East Africa. It is bordered to the northeast and east by the Red Sea, Sudan to the west, Ethiopia to the south, and Djibouti to the southeast.

Can one travel to Eritrea to go and work and what types of job are available for foreigners, especially Nigerians? ?

I'd wish to speak to an agent. ?

3 Visas of Eritrea found

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Eritrea
Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Eritrea

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Eritrea

Visas of Eritrea, Visa, Tourist visa



This is the type of visa issued to persons who intend to visit Eritrea for tourism purposes. You can also visit relatives and friends with this visa during your time in the country. If you will be staying with family or friend, an invitation letter from your host in Eritrea is required. The home address and telephone number of the host should be included in the letter, as well as a valid means of identification. You cannot study or work on a tourist visa. Children should have the original copy of their birth certificate. Vaccination against yellow fever is required. You are requested to exit the country once your visa expires.

Business Visa from Nigeria to Eritrea
Business Visa from Nigeria to Eritrea

Business Visa from Nigeria to Eritrea

Visas of Eritrea, Visa, Business visa



This is the type of visa issued to Nigerians traveling to Eritrea for business purposes . Travelers are free to attend business meetings and conferences while on this visa. Holders of this visa cannot get paid for any of the services they render while in the country. You cannot take up any course of learning or be enrolled in any of the schools in the country with this visa. An official letter of invitation from your partner company in Eritrea is required. The letter must indicate your job position, the address of the company, duration, and purpose of the business trip. If you are meeting with more than one company, a letter of invitation from each company should be submitted during the visa application process. Your current employer should give you a certificate confirming that he/she is aware of your business travel. This letter should be presented at the embassy or consulate while applying for your visa. You must not overstay on this visa. Overstaying is an offense and carries serious consequences.