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Facts about Botswana

Botswana is a country known for its beautiful landscape and nature reserves. The nature reserves in Botswana are defined by the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta. During the rainy season, the Okavango Delta becomes a maze of waterways, islands, and lakes. The massive Central Kalahari Game Reserve houses animals like giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas, and wild dogs. Other popular destinations in Botswana include Chobe National Park, Okavango’s Moremi Game Reserve, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and Tsodilo Hills.
Botswana attracts over 2 million tourists each year.
Citizens of all European Union member states, Angola, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Mozambique, Namibia, New Zealand, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, Venezuela, Zambia, and Zimbabwe can gain entry into Botswana visa-free for 90 days within a 12-month period.

Basic Travel Requirements for Nigerians visiting Botswana

  • Fully completed visa application form (Form 1)
  • Certified (notarized) copy of passport page of applicant (showing names, validity & photograph of bearer)
  • A cover letter from the applicant
  • If applicant has previously applied for a visa, he/she must attach the outcome to the application.
  • Travel schedule/flight itinerary/hotel bookings
  • Certified copies of birth certificates for minors
  • A copy of hotel/lodge bookings or state residential address where the applicant will be staying
  • Certified copies of marriage and birth certificates (in case of married couples/defendants)
  • Certified copies of ordination certificates of religious leaders
  • Business profile if coming to establish a business (host)
  • Recent Bank statement (1st page)
  • Return visa or residence permit from the country of residence

Types of Botswana Visa

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Tourist Visa 7 - 14 days 90 days
Business Visa 7 - 14 days 90 days

Places in Visas of Botswana Fees

Visa Type Sub Type Visa Fees
Tourist Visa Not available
Business Visa Not available
Visa Not available

FAQs about Places in Visas of Botswana

What is the currency used in Botswana? ?

The currency used in Botswana is Pula (P), which is made up of 100 Thebe. However, Botswana banks accept US dollars, pound sterling, euro and South African rand in cash.

Where is Botswana located? ?

Botswana is one of Africa's landlocked countries, located in the south-west part of the continent.

Is Botswana a rich country? ?

Botswana is one of the world's great development success stories. Since securing its independence in 1966, Botswana vaulted from one of the poorest countries on the continent to one of the richest. From 1966 to 2014, its economy was the third fastest growing in the world—by per capita GDP—after China and South Korea.

What is the capital of Botswana? ?

Gaborone is the capital of Botswana and most likely its largest city.

Is there a Botswanan embassy in Nigeria ?

Yes. The High Commission Of Botswana is located in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja.

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3 Visas of Botswana found

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Botswana
Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Botswana

Tourist Visa from Nigeria to Botswana

Visas of Botswana, Visa, Tourist visa



This is the type of visa issued to Nigerians intending to visit Botswana for tourism purposes. You can also visit family and friends while on this visa. All visitors to Botswana must carry a valid passport. Visa applicants intending to visit a friend or family need to submit an invitation letter from a family member or host living in Botswana. This letter should clearly state the address and contact details of the host, as well as your relationship with them. Minors travelling through the country's borders will be required to produce certified copies of unabridged birth certificates In the event that one parent is not travelling with the child, the other parent's affidavit consenting to such travel should be availed. Temporary guardianship must be given if both parents are not travelling with the minor, as well as the above mentioned requirements. However, an affidavit will not be required if the father's name does not appear on the child's birth certificate. In the case of a road travel, this must be specified in the cover letter submitted through the application, including all required contacts. While submitting your application, include a prepaid/self-addressed shipping label or envelope to return your passport. Finger prints will be captured at the point of entry in Botswana. (Applicants will be required to have their finger captured as one of the requirements) The passport to be used in the application must have a validity of six months or more, and with three or more unused pages. Applicants who would not be collecting their visa (endorsed in the passport) should write a letter authorizing someone to collect their visa and passport. The letter should include full names, ID or passport numbers and contact numbers. The inviting host may be required to present a sworn statement, in which case they have to personally appear at the nearest immigration office in Botswana to fill in an affidavit.

Business Visa from Nigeria to Botswana
Business Visa from Nigeria to Botswana

Business Visa from Nigeria to Botswana

Visas of Botswana, Visa, Business visa



This is the type of visa issued to Nigerians traveling to Botswana for business. You will need to provide an invitation letter from the Botswanan company you will be visiting. This letter will also contain their detailed address, accompanied with the date and actual purpose of your trip. If the intention is to attend a meeting or seminar, confirmation/invitation from the conference organizer/institution is required. Pre-registration is recommended for business travelers who will be attending conferences in the country. Proof of this registration is required. If you are employed, you will have to present a certificate from your employer stating or allowing your business travel. Travelers coming to establish a business must submit a detailed business profile. Proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of stay (e.g. bank statement for 2 recent months) is required. Self-employed people may need to submit proof of business registration. You cannot be gainfully employed while you are in the country with this visa. It must be made clear whether your trip will be sponsored by the employer or the local company. Proof of payment of visa application fee should be submitted .