Calabar Carnival has come to stay in Nigeria. Since inception of the colourful carnival, hardly a year goes by where you won’t witness new things added to it. In the midst of its modifications and upgrades, there are things that you shouldn’t miss. We are talking about things like the popular parade – the highlight of the event. The parade isn’t the only thing that keeps the carnival exciting. The following are things that you shouldn’t miss when you are in Calabar for this festival.

Carnival Calabar Queen Pageant (CCQ)

The Carnival Calabar Queen Pageant only gets better every year. Five queens from five bands contest to be the queen of the year’s event. This queen is awarded handsomely and allowed to reign for one year. Every band’s queen wants the crown. This means that the preparation is keen, and the costume decorations can take months to perfect. The event takes place on the night of the carnival’s grand finale at the stadium.

Carol night

On Christmas Eve, there is a carol night that attracts another huge crowd. What stops you from experiencing a classic carol graced by the high and mighty? Celebrities and popular artistes are seen around. The program is designed to make everyone feel great about Christmas.

Childrens Carnival

Calabar Carnival is not only for adults. Kids are includedin the event. There is a special slot for them to have fun and to the fullest. The Childrens Carnival is another highlight of the event that attracts thousands of people to see. You shouldn’t miss it.

Destiny Child Charity Fashion Show

Every child is always someone’s child. The Destiny Child Charity Fashion Show is for kids in need. A lot of people come for this show that raises millions of naira to support a lot of kids. You may not have the money to donate, but your presence here would make a difference.

The Rehearsals

What you see on the parade path is a perfection of what happens behind-the-scenes. There are intense rehearsals these bands must undergo for them to perfect their moves and styles. Every band has people from different parts of the country, and they need to blend with each other. The rehearsal grounds are a place to see these bands in their imperfect state.