Rhapsody's Restaurant.

By Talatu Kwasu

03 February 2014

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Rhapsody’s Flavors of life is actually a South African food chain which has finally found another home in Lagos, Nigeria. As the name suggests, Rhapsody’s is not just your everyday “go and eat” kind of restaurant, it is more than that, it is a restaurant that goes the extra mile to provide you with a wonderful meal alongside all the little pleasures of life.

What pleasures? I hear you ask; well, these little pleasures include an enchantingly decorated interior, delightful service from equally delightful people all in a charming and lively environment. All this and more come together to give you the amazing Rhapsody’s experience.

Rhapsody’s has two locations in the city of Lagos; one is at 19A, Agoro Adiyan street, off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, and the other is at the Ikeja City Mall, Alausa.

The interior of the Ikeja City Mall restaurant is themed black and cream, with lots of glasses as part of the walls (so no worries, you mirror lovers can get to check yourselves out during your stay at the restaurant) and blue neon lights around the bar area, while the restaurant at Victoria Island sticks more to the Rhapsody’s routine interior, with it’s orange and cream colours with gold graphics.

Both restaurants are beautiful, vibrant and classy in their different but almost similar ways.

Rhapsody’s provides a tasty collection of three course meals which include pasta, seafood, barbeque, international entrees and so on. They have a special which they call the Rhapsody Platter, a mouth watering combination of sumptuousness.

Their dessert menu contains funnily named dessert which are also very much as wonderful as the meals they offer. The Rhapsody’s cocktails are legendary for their creativeness, they are prepared to look playful and pretty and taste just as amazing as they look, the restaurant has an extensive cocktail menu.

The staff is very welcoming and energetic and the manager tries to pay special attention to each and every one of the customers, checking occasionally to make sure they are well catered for and satisfied with the service.

Ample parking space and adequate security are available at both restaurant locations. The Rhapsody’s at Ikeja also offers after hours entertainment. Excellent ambiance, extensive menu, superb service, safe to say Rhapsody’s definitely stays true to it’s “Flavors of life” name. A visit to the restaurant promises to be a dining experience you would want to repeat quite often.

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