Restaurants That Serve Local Cuisine in Lagos

By Ernest

31 October 2015

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Here you are in Nigeria after so many years outside the shores of Africa. You are already tired of international cuisine and want to eat something local that would welcome you home to Nigeria. Maybe, you are in Lagos and everywhere looks modernized to you that you are wondering where in Lagos are you going to eat the type of soup that mama loved cooking for you? We have discovered some restaurants that have unique styles of cooking with ingredients that are locally sourced.

Calabar Kitchen

Calabar Kitchen will charm you off your feet with its delicious foods. The aroma of Afang soup and other tasty foods would make your mouth watery before making you hungrier. Lagosians come here to have great meals. This is the place to be if you are desperate of eating healthy and locally prepared meals especially the soups. It is beside the Washerman Drycleaner in Ikeja.

Otres Restaurant

Come to Otres Restaurant and enjoy a great meal. The environment is beautiful; the setting is luxurious and opulent while the service is unsurpassed. Otres Restaurant will give you an opportunity of having a private dine in and also there are drinks that you can pick from the bar. If you are not sure of what you can eat here, the stewed oxtail may be your choice. It is located off Admiralty road in Lekki.

Bukka Hut

Do not tell us that you have not eaten from the kicthen of Bukka Hut. It is located beside PHCN Office in Lekki. You would love the way the foods are prepared in a bukka method. There are no unnecessary formalities here because you come here to eat simple and leave better. There is hardly any type of Nigerian foods that you may not find here.

*Jevinik Restaurant *

Jevinik restaurant is off Adeola Odeku. The environment is calm and cool with its afrocentric interior décor. You are going to eat local meals here including the coveted nkwobi here. Make your choice of food here and you would always want to return back.

Alalo Restaurant

Somewhere in Ikeja is Alalo Restaurant that has become the kitchen of every tribe. The restaurant is famous for its hospitality, service and reception. You are at home here because everything here is locally oriented to make sure that you eat some delicious foods here. There is hardly a time that you come here that you would not feel satisfied.

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