Reeds Restaurant and Club.

By Talatu Kwasu

03 February 2014

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Reeds Thai Fusion restaurant and club is one of the best in the city of Lagos. It is so for many reasons, one of which is because it offers a Thai cuisine which is not very common.

Another of these reasons is that Reeds does not just offer these fantastic meals, it also creates an environment of serenity and elegance with its subtle yet perceptible sensibility and sophistication in the interior decor. It is not very hard to tell that this is a restaurant that pays rapt attention to detail judging from the finesse with which it is designed.

Reeds restaurant provides exquisite international and local meals, perfectly made by its very skilled world class chefs. They make use of imported and local ingredients for these meals accordingly.

They have a variety of seafood meals and vegetarian friendly meals as well as spicy and delicious Thai meals, all guaranteed to keep a smile on your face. The bar and lounge is one of Lagos’ coolest night time hang out spots as it is always pulsating.

The Reeds’ mixologist goes by the name of Martin and is one of the restaurant and club’s spectacular sights as he mixes some of the best cocktails you will ever have the pleasure of tasting.

From colourful and creative cocktails to awesome and equally as creative martinis, this mixologist is unarguably a master of his art. Enjoy the best of music to go along with these extraordinary drinks as the club’s DJ plays an eclectic mix of contemporary RnB, Hip-hop and current Nigerian tunes.

For people looking to unwind after a busy day, and regular fun lovers also looking to let loose asking “where do I go tonight?” Reeds is the answer to this question. Reeds restaurant and club offers its customers the “silver spoon” treatment, from the international and traditional mouth watering and scrumptious dishes they offer to the tasteful and delightful cocktails, not forgetting all the fun waiting to be had at the club grooving and gyrating to the best of music.

Reeds is located at 190, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos state. The service at Reeds is just as wonderful as the ambiance and the meals they provide.

The restaurant is a suitable place for romantic dates, business meetings and regular social hang outs. You would not want to miss out on the Reeds experience as it is one of a kind.

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