Paintballing in Lagos: Your Complete Guide

By Solomon

08 December 2015

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Holiday season is here and it is time to revisit your bucket list of things to try out this year. You remember that mental list you made, right? Well, assuming paintballing was one of them, you still have the time to tick that off the list.

Alternatively, you may have been foisted with the responsibility of organizing a team-bonding exercise/event for your colleagues at the office and you're not exactly sure what to pull off. You might want to try out paintballing.

While not exactly a mainstream activity in this part of the world, Paintballing (and other extreme sporting/team-building activities) has a dedicated following in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos State. Folks go out every other weekend to indulge themselves and get their adrenaline fix in the process.

Should you want to come out here with your team to partake in the activity, you can book a hotel in Lagos for everyone in the team ahead of the weekend you plan to arrive.

Where to Go Paintballing

There are a number of groups focused on Paintballing springing up in Lagos lately, but the most popular one and the current go-to place for the sport is at 1, Water Corporation Drive at Oniru, Lagos Island, where you have the Xtreme Sports Paintball Arena.

The place is managed by a Mr Ibrahim Yusuf who came up with the idea after he had experienced the sport himself on a trip to Dubai in the past. He determined to replicate the same thing here in Nigeria and that's how Xtreme Sports Paintballing Arena was born.

Types of Play

There's usually two modes of play to choose from – “Capture the Flag” or “Elimination” with two competing teams that can accommodate as much as 15 members each. Also, there's allowance for coming up with other scenarios that may be more suited for your desires apart from the aforementioned modes. Both teams kit up in separate colours and are fitted with paint guns that shoots pellets that burst on impact, releasing paint on the opponent.

Safety Concerns

While being an extreme sporting activity, Paintballing is an inherently safe and fun sport. Teams are fitted out with safety gears and kits. And there are safety guidelines to be adhered to to get the best out of the activity.

How Much Does it Cost to Go Paintballing?

This is perhaps the most important question after the one about "where". Well, paintballing is quite a pricey affair - naturally, since it is not exactly mainstream and is high maintenance, anyway. But, all factors considered, it is an affordable expense.

There's a Premier Paintball group at the Oniru arena with the following package (inclusive of equipment and safety gear):

1 Game - N3,000
2 Games - N5,000
3 Games - N6,500

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